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Victorville, CA is located in the high desert area of San Bernardino County. It is approximately 80 miles northeast of Los Angeles and has seen tremendous growth in housing and commerce within the last few decades.

Arrest is not something anyone can really prepare for. It can happen without warning. It does not discriminate. Anyone can fall victim regardless of race, religion or economic status. And, it can be expensive. Very expensive. Most people do not have enough money to post the entire bail required for release.  In victorville, CA the agents of Riverside Bail Bonds can help you get through this difficult time without breaking your savings account. As soon as you learn of the arrest, your first step is to call our office and get the bail bonds process started. It takes approximately 30 minutes to fill out the application, secure the bond and get an agent on the road to obtain the release of your loved one. The entire process can be completed over the phone or through an email, if you are able to secure the fees with a debit or credit card.

Residents of Victorville and the surrounding communities have immediate access to a licensed and highly trained bail bonds agent at all times. If you live in or around the Victorville area, all you have to do is call 909-788-2663 and speak to a bondsman. At Riverside Bail Bonds, each of our bondsmen is licensed and insured. They know the law and they know your rights. If you have questions, our bondsmen know the answers. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of professional service around the clock, anytime, day or night.

Bail Bond Basics

The bondsmen of Riverside Bail Bonds will guide you through the entire bail bonds process. As soon as you learn of an arrest, make the call and one of our bondsmen will take your information and start the application over the phone. The 10% state-mandated premium can be paid over the phone by using a credit or debit card. If you need to secure the bond in another way, our bondsmen will meet you at a specified location or you can come to our office. Once the bond has been secured, they will go to the jail and post your loved one's bond. Bail is set high by local governments on purpose to discourage defendants from fleeing justice, while still allowing their freedom to prepare a defense, continue employment and be home with family. Unfortunately, the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars required to pay a cash bond (post full bail upfront in cash) is near impossible for most. The percentage of people who are able to post the entire amount themselves, post a deed in lieu of cash or simply being released on your own recognizance is small.  In most cases, however, the only way to get out of jail before your first court date is to take out a "surety bond," which is more commonly known as a "bail bond."

To secure a bail bond, you pay only a certain percentage of the full bail amount as a one-time, non-refundable fee to your bail bondsman. The bail bondsman then posts the full bail with the court. However, if your bond is forfeited due to your failure to appear for your court dates, you will become liable for the full value of the bond. It is possible for a forfeited bond to be reinstated, but this is completely at the presiding judge’s discretion. In California, the state mandates that bail bonds fees be 10% of the bail amount, no more, no less, though there are rare cases where an 8% fee is permissible.

Two other ways to get out of jail are on a property bail bond or on O.R. ("own recognizance"). In Victorville, a property bond, which is posting bail with the deed to a piece of real estate, normally requires a property value at least twice that of a cash bond. This is based on the equity rather than on the market price. Because the process of posting a property bond is slow and tedious, it can leave you waiting in jail for days or even weeks, but it can also save you money so long as the bond is not forfeited. If it is forfeited, you risk the permanent loss of your property. Release on own recognizance occurs when the court finds you to be an "upstanding citizen" who can be trusted to be released without posting any bail at all. This is rare, but if you have no criminal record, long-time residence and employment in the community, and good character witnesses, it might be possible.

Honoring Your Obligations and Responsibilities

Once bond has been posted, the bail bond contracts requires that several obligations and responsibilities are met. There are several things you must agree to before bond can be posted. A few of them include:

  • Not being involved in any further criminal activity
  • Not leaving the court's jurisdiction
  • Honoring any restrictions put in the place concerning PPO's, restraining orders, etc.
  • Attending all hearings or meetings scheduled by the court
  • Checking in on a daily or weekly basis with the bail bond agent in charge of your case

You are responsible for your own actions while you are out on bond. If the judge or other court official discovers that you have been re-arrested, jumped bail or have left the jurisdiction of the court  for any reason, your bond may be revoked and the bail bonds agency will be instructed to return you to the custody of the jail or risk forfeiture of the entire bond amount. Once your case has been closed, your bond will be released, and your obligations will be fulfilled.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Both the co-signer and the defendant have rights and responsibilities when it comes to posting a bail bond. As a co-signer, your main responsibility is to make sure the defendant appears in court and follows the guidelines of the court while they are out of jail. A co-signer also has the right to ask for the bond to be revoked if they no longer want to be responsible for the total amount of the bond or for the defendant's whereabouts.

In order for the defendant to be released from jail on bond, he or she must agree to follow the guidelines put forth by the court. This includes going to court on at the scheduled time, not being charged with any more crimes while on bond, not leaving the jurisdiction of the court, and checking in with the court and the bail bonds agent on a regular basis. If the defendant refuses to adhere to these responsibilities, their right to bail can be revoked and they will be returned to jail.

How Fast Can I Get My Bond Posted?

Riverside Bail Bonds brings 20 years of experience when posting your bond in Victorville, CA. While our offices are in Riverside, CA, we have mobile, experienced agents located in the high desert who are ready to help you immediately. They can assist you with completing your paperwork and getting approved for the bond; this process rarely takes longer than 30 minutes. Once arrested, you must go through the booking procedures of the local jail, including a LiveScan fingerprint check, which can take 30 minutes to several hours, depending on how crowded the jail is at the time. Once fully booked, your bondsman can immediately post the bail, but you then must go through a release process that can also be time consuming.

It is impossible to predict exactly how long it will take to post bail and get you out of jail since this varies so much with the circumstances involved, but it can range from less than an hour to five or six hours. The faster you make the call to your bail bonds provider, the faster you will get out of jail. By using experienced bondsmen familiar with local procedures, you will also save valuable time.


We are committed to finding you a solution in what is most likely one of your most difficult situations. Riverside Bail Bonds takes the time to listen to your specific needs and situation to find you the best possible solution. There are various issues that arise when getting arrested, but we always have an answer. Bail bonds can be overwhelming, and we are highly trained to work with each issue to find swift resolution as quickly as possible. Many bonds, like immigration require special circumstances. When you find yourself needing a bond in Victorville, CA for an immigration arrest, Riverside Bail Bonds is hands down your best choice. These bonds specifically require collateral instead of cash when securing a bond. This is to ensure the defendant will remain in the United States while awaiting trial. Our bonds can be secured with jewelry, cars or real estate. We will work with you! It is important to remember that regarding immigration bonds, the collateral must be 150% of the value of the bond amount. This is strictly to compensate for any expense commonly associated with this type of bond.

Discreet Bail Bonds

Riverside Bail Bonds understands how personal of a situation arrest and bail bonds can be. We pride ourselves on maintaining professionalism as well as privacy. We will do our best to protect your privacy at all costs. This includes, but not limited to, we will never use your situation to endorse our business, speak to anyone other than those directly involved and use discretion when making calls or emails. We are also committed to making you and your loved ones as comfortable as possible. Our offices are warm and inviting. Riverside Bail Bonds has taken great strides in making our offices family friendly and safe. We understand what is important to your family and are willing to accommodate all types of situations. We can make you a private appointment or you can walk in. Like everything else during the process, you are in charge!

Stellar Customer Service

Riverside Bail Bonds understands you have many choices when obtaining a bond in Victorville, CA. That is why we literally work as hard as we can to earn your business. We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. All our agents are not only trained in handling specific bond situations, but they are also highly trained in customer service. We understand facing charges after an arrest is stressful enough, that is why we want to make you and your loved ones feel as comfortable as possible. Our agents are expected to treat every client with respect and compassion.

Once you’re are released from jail we highly suggest you contact an attorney immediately in order to provide the best possible defense. Also, there are contractual obligations that are usually placed upon you until your next court date. This includes, but is not limited to, remaining within the court’s jurisdiction, reporting any changes to employment or address and complying with any restraining orders that have been imposed. If these obligations are adhered to the bond will remain in place. This allows the defendant to return to work and family responsibilities while awaiting their court date.

It is important to remember that while you or your loved one is out on bail it is in your best interest to use your time wisely. This includes obtaining an attorney and putting your efforts into fighting your case. Riverside Bail Bonds also understands how intimidating a court date can be. We make every effort to assist you in any way we can. Our trained agents will assist you with any questions you have regarding the process of court. We will even accompany you to court as a support system during this difficult time. We go the extra mile!

Contact Us

Riverside Bail Bonds understands that being arrested can be overwhelming. The process of being detained, trying to be released on bail and subsequent court dates can be almost too much for even the most level-headed individual. That is why it is imperative you contact Riverside Bail Bonds. Not only will be assist you through the entire process in whatever you may need, we do this without judgement. We understand people make mistakes. We just want to help you and make you feel comfortable from beginning to end. That is why we have provided our clients with a warm and inviting office that is family friendly and most of all, safe. If you are for any reason unable to come to our office, one of our highly trained agents will come to you. We also know you have a lot of choices for a bail bondsman in Victorville, CA, but let us prove our worth to you! Our agents are here 24 hours a day to begin your bond or answer any questions you may have. In our experience we have learned this is not something you want to do on your own. It is almost necessary to have a trained bondsman to help you through the entire process. Riverside Bail Bonds can be reached at 951-788-2663. Please call us and let us help you get home where you belong, with your family.

Again, the agents at Riverside Bail Bonds take great pride in being able to help their clients get back on track after an arrest. We will even go to court with you if that is what you want. If you or a loved one have been arrested and you want the most experienced and respected bail bonds agency in your corner, call our office at 951-788-2663. We make it a point to always be available for our clients, day or night, every day of the year.

When looking for bail bonds in Victorville, CA, Riverside Bail Bonds is your best choice. Our knowledge and experience provide you with the best resource for your needs during a difficult time. Let us help!

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