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Facing an arrest can be one of the worst experiences in a person’s life. It can be confusing, embarrassing, and distressful for the defendant and their entire family, as it is often left as a burden upon the family to afford bringing their loved one back home. Fortunately, Riverside Bail Bonds has all of the answers to your questions and we have been working in the Corona area for decades! Give us a call today and we will navigate the complex process, so you can get your loved one home where they can build the case they need to defend their justice.

You will not find a more experienced bail bonds agency in the Corona area. We are widely known and recommended for our speed, customer care, confidentiality, and attention to detail. No matter what kind of charges you are facing, they can help to get you or a loved one home to their family. Riverside Bail Bonds team of consultants have experience with every type of bail bond you could possibly need and can guide clients through the process, making a frustrating situation as fast and simple as it can possibly be. No one should have to experience the stress of such a situation on their own.

Bail is established by local governments intentionally in attempts to discourage defendants from avoiding court while allowing them the freedom of fighting their case from home. Unfortunately, paying an entire bail, which can be anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, upfront is simply out of most peoples’ reach. There are special circumstances in which a bail can be avoided, such as qualifying for release on the basis of a good standing within the community or a clean record, however in most cases, it is necessary for one to take out a surety bond (aka bail bond) to be released before their first court date. 

The process of securing a bail bond can be simple with the help of our professional bail bondsmen. When obtaining a bond, you are only responsible for paying a percentage of the full bail amount as a one-time fee to your bail bondsman that cannot be refunded. In California, this percentage is required to be 10% exactly, except on rare occasions where an 8% fee is acceptable. The bail bondsman will then put up the rest of the bond to the court. This allows the bondsman to make a small profit while you get the benefit of not having to pay the full costs of a bond in such short notice. However, if the defendant fails to appear to their court dates, the judge will issue an arrest warrant and that defendant will be given approximately 30 days to return to jail, or their bond will be forfeited, and the co-signer will then be made responsible for the full value of the bond.

Keep in mind, if you choose to be the co-signer, you will take full responsibility for the full amount of the bond if that bond is forfeited by the judge. It is advised that you maintain contact with both the bondsman and the defendant to ensure all information remains up to date and consistent. Any changes to contact information must be updated. Likewise, it is advised that the co-signer facilitate the defendant’s attendance in court. Anytime a court hearing is missed, the judge is within reign to issue a warrant and begin the process of forfeiting the defendant’s bond. If such is forfeited, you will be paying the full amount unless the defendant is returned to the custody of the jail. The process of relieving yourself of responsibility for the bond is lengthy and complex, thus it is best to prevent the bond from being forfeited altogether.

You will only pay the 10% fee so long as you do not violate the terms of your bail, which include consistent attendance in court and an open line of communication of any changes to your contacts or court information with your bail bondsman. With a bail bond, bail is much more affordable and therefore allows you to go through the court process within the convenience of your own home. If the 10% fee is a financial hardship, there is also the possibility of in-house financing at reasonable rates to further accommodate your situation. Riverside Bail Bonds understands the financial hardship this can be on a family and is very reasonable in negotiating various payment options.

Look no further for a reputable bail bonds agency. Riverside Bail Bonds is the best source for people living in the Corona area who need someone they can trust. We are more than qualified to meet the needs of even the most isolated of cases. We can guide you through the process better than anyone out there, but before you make that call, we would like to explain to you why we deserve your trust in handing such a personal occasion.

We Do Not Waste Your Time

We understand that being arrested can be a very stressful situation for both the one arrested and their loved ones affected by the arrest. That is why we do everything we can to minimize the time spent in jail by you or your loved one. To accomplish this, we open up our services, 24 hours a day, maximizing our availability to reach you at your time in need. We are working rain or shine, weekends and holidays to provide you with superb service. We work as quickly as possible, to keep that time spent in jail to an absolute minimum, utilizing all the resources necessary to make thereof a reality. Our bail agents are knowledgeable in all of the skills that can be employed in shortening the bail process. Regardless of how crowded the courts and jail systems can be, we are confident that we can provide you with the greatest chance of being released on bail within the shortest obtainable time frame.

We Have Experienced Agents

We are a business that takes great value in the integrity and self- efficacy of all our employees. For this reason, we only hire bail bonds agents who are well experienced with bail in the Corona area and have expressed the utmost competency and compassion in their field. Our agents know the system well and utilize their expertise to make it a smooth process for you. They are trained to find every loophole and accommodation in the system to give you the best possible assistance in your individual situation. You will fail to find an agency that gets the job done faster and more accurate than us.

We Offer Bail Bonds for Every Situation

Riverside Bail Bonds offers assistance in every kind of bail bond you could possibly need. Furthermore, we will take the time to personally decipher what kind of bond is needed and what the best way to go about paying said bond would be. We understand that these are not easy choices to make, but we will help you through it all. Some bond situations can be especially complex, but our bondsmen are trained to handle these special cases at an expert level. Regardless of what you or a loved one is charged with, you should contact a bondsman immediately to ensure you maximize your time available and direct it towards fighting your case to the greatest degree feasible.

Some of these special cases may involve those concerning immigration. Unlike other bonds, Immigration bonds are commonly secured with property for the purposes of courts ensuring that defendants will remain within The United States as long as it is required to handle their legal responsibilities. Paying with collateral can often be easier for those paying high amounts in bail. Collateral can qualify as anything from jewelry to cars or real estate. The catch is that unlike cash bails, collateral bails cannot be transferred to another person. Also, it is important to know that the property used as collateral must be at least 150% of the value of the bond amount in order to be used. This overage is necessary in order to compensate for expenses associated with a property or immigration bond.

We Keep Your Information Private

Bail bonds are a private matter and we treat them as such with 100% confidentiality on all levels of operation. We value your trust and want to inform you of any and all decisions we come to in order to ensure that you are given the utmost care. You can find confidence in knowing that our employees are trained to do whatever is necessary to protect your privacy above all else throughout this process. We will not use you or your situation as a means to endorse our business. We go above and beyond to ensure everything you do is private and try to make you as comfortable as we can throughout the bail process.

We Treat You Like Family

We make our customer service agents available to you 24 hours a day so that you can reach out to us at any time of need. Furthermore, our agents are available and employ the greatest level of compassion in every case they are entrusted with. We treat our clients like we would want our own family to be treated in such a stressful situation. Thus, we hire employees with an increased sense of compassion and attention to detail to ensure that you are getting the best care that we have to offer. We understand that many people are unfamiliar with the process of bail, and we are here to make it as easy and convenient as it can be, given the situation.

Once we get the defendant released from jail, they must follow the orders and conditions set forth by the court. This can include remaining in the jurisdiction of the court, reporting any changes in address or employment, avoiding the charge of additional crimes, complying with restraining orders (if applicable), and attending all court hearings. By following these rules, the bond will remain secured and the defendant can return to their daily routine, working and caring for their family. Our job is to get you home as fast as we can with the least amount of burden placed upon your family.

It is highly encouraged that defendants use this time in their best interest by contacting an attorney in hopes of obtaining the best possible defense for their case. They can also utilize this time to tie loose ends and get their affairs in order, in the scenario that they do receive any jail time upon sentencing. The purpose of bail is for defendants to maximize the time available to create a strong defense in their favor. Our bail bondsmen are willing to assist in any court processes along the way, including accompanying you to court as a source of support throughout the proceeding. We have made ourselves available to you in any way that you may find useful.

We Know the Courts

We are not blind to the complexities and difficulties in navigating the court systems. Riverside Bail Bonds is committed to walking you through the process while helping you to make all of the best choices in your particular situation. The average person cannot be expected to keep up with the continuous flow of changes to the bail process, and we do not expect you to. We do all of the heavy lifting and are trained to detect any changes in protocol that can be taken advantage of to offer you the optimal care and information in regard to the decisions you will have to make. We help you to decipher exactly what kind of bond you will need and how to make payments on said bond. Furthermore, we have studied and familiarized ourselves with the court processes of Corona.

We Know the Corona Area

Our family has been living throughout Corona our entire lives. We love the city and we love the people. Our agents are only one call or drive away, and have experience operating under the Corona courts. This allows us to employ all the tools necessary to shorten your time in jail. Because we have long been working throughout Corona, we are cognizant of everything there is to know about bail bonds in the area. We are local so that there is an open line of communication between us, you, and the courts of Corona. This means locating ourselves in the neighboring city of Riverside where we can easily access all of the resources necessary to care for you in Corona. Furthermore, we know the tendencies of the corona court system in posting bail and making arrests and can thus offer the best advice in responding to different scenarios.

Give us a Call Today!

We all experience unexpected emergencies, but no one is ever prepared for an arrest. In today’s economy, it can become difficult just to pay the monthly bills, with a bail fee on top of that, it can become almost impossible.  If you live in the Corona area, there is no need to worry. When placed in a tough situation, your first call should be to Riverside Bail Bonds. We understand the emotional, physical, and financial burden an arrest can have on a family and we are here to make sure that burden is lightened in any way possible. We are working nonstop, 24 hours a day, waiting for your car so that we can get the process started. We want to get you or your loved one home, so they can defend their case from a place of comfort. Give us a call at 951-788-2663 and we will connect you to one of our skilled agents to get started on your bond ASAP. Regardless of your situation, Riverside Bail Bonds can offer advice and support!

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