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If you or a loved one have recently been arrested in Indian Wells, California, you should waste no time in contacting us for help at Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds. The sooner you act following the arrest, the less time you or your loved one will have to spend in jail. 

Indian Wells, sees large numbers of arrests during the peak of the tourist season, when its population can swell well beyond its normal levels. This is true also of other neighboring municipalities in Riverside County's Coachella Valley, and it can potentially cause jail crowding, which will make the booking/release processes that much slower. We at Rocco Edivan can utilize our intricate familiarity with the ins and outs of California bail law and of the Riverside County Jail to minimize processing time, but calling as early as possible can also significantly reduce the time spent behind bars.

Arrested in Indian Wells

Indian Wells is patrolled by the Riverside Sheriff's Department, which serves much of the western Coachella Valley and is headquartered at Palm Desert Station. If arrested in Indian Wells, you will may be held temporarily at the sheriff's station, but there are many jails in Riverside County where inmates can be transferred to. Wherever you are held, the arresting officer will either granted you a "cite out," which allows you to return home on the mere promise to show up for your scheduled court date, or you will be booked and held in the jail facility.

Your bail amount will be set in accordance with the county bail schedule as it applies to the alleged crime, but amounts sometimes vary based on the specific circumstances of the arrest.

As soon as the arrestee has been booked, it is possible to post bail; and as soon as bail is posted, the release process can begin. Bail can be paid in cash or with a cash substitute like a cashier's check, but this would require you to pay the full bail amount upfront. Additionally, cashier's checks will cause further delay since the funds backing the check must be verified before it can be approved. It is also possible to post a property bond, but this would also cause delay and risk losing your property if the defendant fails to appear for his/her arraignment. Finally, some inmates are released on O.R. ("own recognizance"), but not very many.

Getting a Bail Bond in Indian Wells

Almost always, the fastest and most practical way to get out of jail before your first court date is to take out a bail bond. A bail bond allows you to pay only a portion of the bail amount, while the bail bonds agent supplies a surety bond to the court for the full bail. In California, bail bonds premiums (how bail bondsmen make their living) are set at 10% by state law. There are a few exceptions that allow 20% discount (a rate of 8%), and federal bonds can be charged at 15% to allow for the extra time and effort it takes to process these types of bonds. Otherwise, however, the rate cannot legally be more nor less than 10%. 

The bond's co-signer agrees to be liable for the full bail should the defendant not appear for his court date. If the failure to appear was unavoidable, or if the presiding judge grants leniency after the defendant is finally brought to court, it is possible for a bail bond (but not a cash bond) to be reinstated. There is no guarantee, however. It is at the judge's discretion. Additionally, those who "skip bail" will have a bench warrant put out for their arrest, and the bail bondsman will typically hire a bounty hunter to bring the defendant to court.

The bond itself can usually be processed by our staff at Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds in less than 30 minutes. Once the paperwork is completed, the premium paid, and any necessary collateral established, we can post the bail.

After release, we will explain the details of the bail bonds contract to the defendant and the co-signer. There will be terms of bail, such as not leaving the county and notifying your bail bonds agent of changes of address or employment, that must be abided by to prevent the bond from being forfeited.

As long as the bailed out individual does not violate the bail terms and shows up for all of his/her court dates, a bail bond is a great blessing. It allows you to get out of jail fast and to be better positioned to find/hire a skilled defense attorney who can help you prepare for your court hearing.

For a free bail bonds consultation, contact Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds anytime 24/7/365 at 951-788-2663. We can move quickly on your bail bond and end your jail stay.

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