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After an arrest, one of the first phone calls you will make is to a bail bonds agent. The relationship you have with them will be one of mutual respect and trust as long as you fulfill your end of the contract. An arrest is an unpleasant experience, so having a reputable bail bonds agent on your side is extremely important. In the Big Bear Lake area, Riverside Bail Bonds is the first place to call if you want professionalism and compassion. Call 951-788-2663 as soon as you learn of the arrest. We have years of experience and resources that allow us to make a bad situation better. We also guarantee 100% confidentiality from the time we answer the phone until the time the case is closed.

Where to Go If You Are Arrested

If you are arrested in the Big Bear Lake region, you will be taken to the nearest available jail for booking and processing. The bail cannot be posted until after this has been completed, however, this should not deter you from calling our office. In fact, you should contact a bail agency, immediately after there has been knowledge of an arrest, regardless of what the charges may be. Our agents will gather as much information as they can on the case and determine the best path of action moving forward. If it is a minor charge and the defendant is eligible, a bail schedule will be used to post bail and we will be able to bail the defendant out immediately after the application is completed. If the defendant is facing a more serious crime, they may have to wait for a bail hearing to be scheduled before that can obtain bail. It is important that you fully understand your rights. As a citizen of The United States of America, you are entitled to a fast and accessible bail. The only cases in which bail can be legally withheld by a judge are when the defendant is a flight risk, or the defendant has posed a danger to the community or will potentially pose danger if released. If you feel that your rights were violated outside of these circumstances, you should contact an attorney immediately. Riverside Bail Bonds will do our best to protect all of your rights and give you an optimal chance to defend your case.

What Are My Options?

An arrest can be a humiliating and confusing experience, but what you do next is crucial to the outcome of the defendant’s case. Your first action should be to contact a reputable bail agency so that they can do what it takes to get your loved one home. There are various options and methods of obtaining release, and Riverside Bail Bonds will take the time to explain each of these choices and determine which one is best for you. We are licensed and insured to handle every kind of case with the bond you will need. We offer expertise in all kinds of bonds including cash bonds, immigration bonds, property bonds, prostitution bonds, domestic violence bonds, and surety bonds. Every case is unique, and we will treat yours with the greatest attention to detail and care. In most cases, the surety bond is the most affordable and convenient option. But first, we will describe some other common options and in what circumstances they can be beneficial. Keep in mind, we will gather all the information important to your case to help you make this decision.

In special circumstances, the defendant is fortunate enough to be released on their own recognizance. This typically happens when the defendant has not committed a prior crime, the offense is minor, and they have a strong standing in the community. The judge can then determine they are not a flight risk or danger and will release them without having to pay any bail fee. However, this set of circumstances is rarely seen in the courts due to the need for a securement of monetary measures to keep the defendant tied to the region under which the court resides.

When given bail, your first instinct might be to simply pay the entire fee upfront and get your loved one home right away. For financially well-endowed people, this quite easily a possibility, however that does not mean it is the best decision. Anyone who is familiar with the inner workings of the court knows that bail is set at a high rate to intentionally discourage defendants from fleeing justice. This substantially high rate can often exceed the ten-thousand-dollar range. In 2018, the average American family simply cannot afford the unreasonable rates set in place by the courts. Even if this is a possibility, it is far more efficient to direct all funds towards building a stronger case of defense for the defendant. Another reason to avoid a cash bond is that it takes several weeks to return the bail fee after the case has been completed, which can often be a hardship to the co-signer or the defendant.

The most common option when facing an arrest in the Big Bear Lake region is to contact a bail agent and obtain a surety bond, famously known as a bail bond. Bail bonds are fast, efficient, and affordable, and if you obtain one through Riverside Bail Bonds, you are guaranteed the best service you can find in the area. Our agents are widely recognized for their compassion and great attention to detail with every case they handle. They will treat you like family and navigate the complex nature of the courts. Instead of paying the entire bill of a bail fee to the courts, the defendant or co-signer will pay only a small percentage of this fee to a reputable bail agent who will cover the cost of the bail fee and pay it to the court in full. This allows your loved one a chance at fighting their case with all of their entitled freedoms at a short notice. No one can predict an arrest before it happens and finding ways to come up with the money with such little time to cover bail is a hardship that no one should have to manage alone. Bail bonds are fast and work to eliminate any extra hardships that are not necessary to the court proceedings. There are also different payment plans to make a bail bond affordable to families of all economic backgrounds.

For most families, the cost of a bail bond will be of great concern. A trustworthy agency will be outright about any and all funds that must be met to cover the bond. It is important to know that a surety bond is a contract and the signer should have full cognizance of what they are agreeing to before the commitment is made. In California, the bail percentage that must be paid to a bail agent is fixed at an exact rate of ten percent. This is a protection that covers the defendant, co-signer, and bail agency from any unfair charges or expectations. There are a few circumstances where this fix rate can be changed but only after legal approval. If you feel that you did not pay a fair amount, it is important to contact legal representation immediately.

Beyond this ten percent handling fee that enables the agent to make a living, Riverside Bail Bonds will not charge any additional fees. However, many businesses do not follow this practice, so you should be very cautious of hidden fees that may also apply to your case. Hidden fees are added on by bail companies to maximize their profits at your distress. They will use every tactic to get the best of you, so we encourage you to seek information on the prices of many businesses in your region and to not sign a contract until you are fully aware of what your charges will be. A common hidden fee that often appears in a bail bond contract is an annual premium. As you probably already know, our current justice system is far from speedy and efficient. Court cases can easily extend beyond a year’s time when the courts are reaching their capacity. When a court case is longer than a year, many agencies will require a renewal fee in order for them to continue covering the bail. This renewal fee can often amount to the same value as the initial premium used to secure the contract. This is not a financial nuisance to people who struggle to pay their bills and support their families. We understand the cruelty in these actions and have committed our agency to providing the most affordable care that we possibly can to all of our clients.

Riverside Bail Bonds offers many in-house financing options to families of low-income and financial hardship. We promise that we will find an option that is simple and affordable for you, regardless of your situation. Furthermore, we accept many forms of payment such as cash, check, credit/debit, cashier’s check, money order, and property. No case is too complex for our trained agents. We only hire people that express the greatest level of experience so that they can help you in even the strangest of circumstances. We simply ask that you put your trust in us and are honest about the details of your situation. We will be there every step of the way to get you through.

After every measure has been taken to offer you financial assistance, and you still feel It is not enough, there is another option that may be more feasible, and that option is a property bond. Property bonds require a securement of collateral and are often associated with immigration cases due to their subsequent need for the defendant to tend to legal responsibilities within the state, which eliminates the risk of the defendant fleeing. Collateral can be anything of value that exceeds one and a half times the cost of the bond. Common items used as collateral include vehicles, jewelry, real estate, and land. The reason why property bonds are greatly discouraged is because the extensive paperwork that is required to secure the bond is time consuming, eliminating the possibility of a fast discharge. This method is counter-productive to the fast efficiency of a bail bond and therefore, it must be agreed to with great consideration. Likewise, a property bond cannot be passed on to another person. To release your property, you will have to return the defendant to custody and fill out the paperwork to release the bond. If bail is forfeited by a judge due to a failure to comply with the rules, the property will be auctioned off to cover the fees and any remaining funds will be returned to the co-signer. This option is only encouraged in highly uncommon situations, so it important to ensure it is the best option for your particular case.

Establishing a Relationship with Your Bail Bonds Agent

When the application has been filled out and we have secured the 10% state mandated fee, the next step is to get your loved one out of jail. We will go over the co-signer's and defendant's rights and responsibilities as soon as your loved one has been released. The Constitution guarantees your right to post bail and obtain early release. When you choose to exercise that right, there are responsibilities that go along with it. Attending all court scheduled hearings is at the top of the list. While out on bond, you must stay within the jurisdiction of the court and abide by all stipulations put forth by the court for your particular case.

Your bail bonds agent will guide you through the process and make sure you understand every aspect of how a bail bond works and what is expected of you. In return, you have to communicate fully and effectively with them at all times. This means checking in regularly, maintaining current, personal contact information, and making yourself available if something comes up and your agent needs to meet with you. It's important to make sure the attorney you hire has your bail bonds agent's contact information so that we can remain in contact with them as well. As part of your team, we want to make sure you have everything you need for a successful outcome for your case. This includes protecting your rights and providing you a positive source of support.

Why Is Checking in So Important?

As part of the bond agreement, the defendant is required to check in with their bail bonds agent on a regular basis. There are two ways to check in. You can call into the bail bonds office or you can show up in person. Why is this so important? It serves several purposes. First and foremost, it shows your willingness to comply with the court's requests and take responsibility for your actions. It also ensures your bail bonds agent that you're still in the vicinity. In some cases, the defendant may also be required by the court to check in with a probation officer or other court representative.

Where Do I Go to Court?

If you live in the Big Bear Lake area of California, you're under the jurisdiction of the San Bernardino County Court system. Most of your court hearings will be held at the San Bernardino District Courthouse located at 247 West Third Street in downtown San Bernardino. The courthouse is easily accessible and centrally located. If for any reason an emergency arises that you are unable to make it to court, you must call and make arrangements so that a bench warrant won't be issued for a failure to appear charge. The phone number for the courthouse is 909-364-1888 as soon as possible.

Why Riverside Bail Bonds?

Riverside Bail Bonds has decades of experience with every kind of bail bond case you could ever encounter. Our agents are on stand-by day and night to take your call and make your situation less grueling. We will be there throughout the entire process and help you to make decisions that will come greatly in your favor in regard to your case. If you want to find a trustworthy agency that will never compromise your safety or your security, look no further. We are here to help!

Residents of the Big Bear Lake area can call Riverside Bail Bonds 24 hours a day, every day of the year for fast, professional bail bonds service. We know that many of you have never had to deal with the courts before and may find the entire process confusing. We can guide you through it and help you achieve a successful outcome to your case. Call one of our Riverside Bail Bonds today at 951-788-2663 for immediate help. We are here to make sure you won't have to go through a difficult situation on your own.

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