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If you or your loved one have recently been arrested in or around Jurupa Valley or throughout Riverside County, California, you should waste no time in contacting a professional, local bail bond service to shorten your jail stay to the minimum.

At Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds, we have bail bondsmen on the ground and ready to come to your aid with only minutes' notice. Contact us 24/7 at 951-788-2663, and we will bond you out of jail with minimal wait time and minimal stress.

Arrested in Jurupa Valley

Freeways I-15, I-10, I-215, and other major streets in Jurupa Valley are major hotspots for DUI stops and other arrests, and both locals and visitors alike can find themselves arrested and taken temporarily to the Jurupa Valley Sheriff Station at 7477 Mission Boulevard in nearby Riverside. 

While initial detention and booking may take place at this relatively small facility, most inmates will soon be transferred to one of 5 Riverside County jails, most likely to the nearest facility, which is the Robert Presley Detention Center in downtown Riverside. It is also possible, however, that inmates could be transferred to the largest jail in the county and the next-nearest facility — the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility.

If you contact Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds while your loved one is still at the Jurupa Valley Sheriff Station, bailing them out will be faster and simpler, but even if your loved one has already been transferred to a county facility, we have the expertise to post bail and get him/her out of jail as quickly as possible.

How High Is Bail in Riverside County?

The standard bail schedule of the Riverside County Superior Court is only a guide based on the nature of the alleged crime the defendant was arrested for, and details of the case and one's past criminal history can potentially increase bail. Mitigating factors could also possibly decrease bail. And for certain charges, like murder for example, no bail is generally accepted.

Also note that, if you were arrested on multiple counts, a separate bail and bail bond can be required for each count before you can be bailed out of jail.

For felony charges where the maximum sentence includes a 3-year or lower jail term, bail will be set at a $5,000 minimum. For felonies with a 4-year maximum jail term, standard bail is $25,000, and for a felony with a 10-year jail term, standard bail is $75,000.

For misdemeanors, bail is lower but still substantial. For a misdemeanor with a 90-jail jail maximum, standard bail is $1,500. For a 180-day jail maximum, bail is $2,500; and for a 364-day maximum, it is $3,500.

Though generally misdemeanors, yet for vehicular manslaughter, standard bail is set at $7,500, and for spousal battery, it is set at $5,000.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

While there are other possible ways to get out of jail, such as a cash bond, property bond, or O.R. (own recognizance), these methods are impractical for most people.

Cash bonds require you to post the full bail in cash upfront, which most people cannot afford. Property bonds require a long wait while the bond is being arranged and verified and risk the equity in your property. Own recognizance means you get out on the simple promise you will not flee justice but will show up for all your scheduled court hearings, but O.R. is not offered to most arrestees.

A bail bond allows you to get out of jail for only 10% of the total bail amount. California state laws sets the premium at 10% for bail bond services — they can legally charge neither more nor less. This fee is non-refundable and is how bail bondsmen make their living.

However, if an attorney refers you to a bail bondsman, you can get a 20% discount under state law and only pay an 8% premium.

Thus, you could pay only hundreds instead of thousands of dollars to get out of jail, depending on the full bail amount, when you use a bail bond.

However, the bond's co-signer, often a friend or relative of the inmate, will be liable for the full bail amount should the defendant fail to appear in court or otherwise violate the terms of bail. This may include, for example, not leaving the county while awaiting trial and ensuring your bail bondsman always has your current contact information. As long as the bail terms are not violated, however, you will never have to pay the other 90% of your bail.

Additionally, at Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds, we offer financing to those who cannot pay the full premium upfront and work with you to find a payment plan you can afford.

To learn more or to arrange a bail bond, do not hesitate to contact Rocco Edivan 24/7/365 at 951-788-2663.

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