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Twenty-nine Palms is a suburban city in San Bernardino County, famous for many music and film references by world renown artists. However, like all cities, it is home to a multitude of arrests and seizures on an annual basis. Being caught in the wake of an arrest, whether you are the defendant, the family, or the litigation team, can be a hard-pressed time. You are going to be forced to make a lot of very hard decisions in a short period of time, and every little choice could mean all the difference in the outcome of the defendant’s case. However, this is not a time to panic. Riverside Bail Bonds has long been established in the San Bernardino County for their great attention to detail and customer service throughout the arrest and trial process. We will be with you for every step of the way to ensure every decision is made with the best intentions in mind for the defendant at an affordable rate. We do not want to make the situation any more difficult than is necessary. You can give us a call today at 951-788-2663 or you can visit us, face to face, in our Riverside office on 4277 Main Street, and we will gladly answer all of your burning questions and inquiries. We have skilled bail agents waiting around the clock to answer your call and to get your loved one home where they belong.

What Happens After an Arrest?

Immediately after an arrest takes place, the defendant will be taken to the nearest available jail. For Twenty-Nine Palms, this most likely will be San Bernardino Jail. From there, the defendant will be placed through the booking process which can take approximately thirty minutes. The booking process must be completed in order for bail to be posted, but you should contact a bail agency as soon as you have been made aware of an arrest. This way Riverside Bail Bonds can get their agents in on the case, so they can begin gathering as much information possible for the best outcome of the defendant. Bail is typically set according to a bail schedule when it is a common crime. This bail schedule can be found under “resources” and allows the courts to quickly set bail and move through the process of a trial. In the case that a crime is high profile or uncommon, a bail hearing may be required before bail can be set in place. Regardless, as soon as bail is posted, our agents can go in and walk you through the application and subsequently begin the discharge process for the defendant. After completing all the required paperwork, we can have an agent at the jail and your loved one released in anywhere between three to twelve hours, depending on the capacity of the jail facility. We assure you that we will not waste your precious time and will do everything in our power to get your loved one home in no time.

How Do I Know What Kind of Bond I Need?

There is a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a path to freedom for your loved one, and this includes the various types of bonds you can obtain. Fortunately, Riverside Bail Bonds is licensed and insured to manage every type of bond you could possibly need, including but not limited to, cash bonds, prostitution bonds, property bonds, domestic violence bonds, surety bonds, and immigration bonds. Our agents are experienced dealing with many different circumstances and will gather the information needed to determine exactly what kind of bond you will need. It is important to know that it is your right as an American citizen to obtain bail and early discharge while awaiting the outcome of your case. The only circumstances that are deemed applicable for bail to be withheld are if you pose a flight risk or danger to the community. If you feel your rights have been violated without a justifiable cause, you should contact litigation immediately. Only a judge can determine whether you are applicable for bail. There are even special cases in which a bail fee is not necessary so be fully aware of all of your options. If you are facing your first criminal charge and that charge is a misdemeanor, you could potentially be released on your own recognizance. It is often necessary to have a good standing in the community or to be a high-profile person for a judge to grant this right, however if granted, you will not be responsible for a bail fee. Regardless, we will gladly go over your options if a bond is needed.

Your first option when facing a bail charge is to pay the entire fee upfront with what is called a cash bond. However, keep in mind that bail can easily extend into the ten-thousand-dollar range in more, placing a heavy financial burden on the defendant and loved ones involved. Even if you are financially well endowed, it is recommended that you direct your efforts toward litigation and a strong attorney to provide the best possible defense for the defendant’s case. Bail is far too expensive to pay upfront, especially in today’s economy where most families struggle to pay the monthly bills. There are plenty of alternative options to make bail much more affordable including in house financing options offered by Riverside Bail Bonds. We will do everything we can to eliminate and additional burdens beyond what is necessary to the outcome of the case. We want to make sure bail is affordable to families of all economic backgrounds, because no one deserves to have their freedoms limited while fighting to maintain them. Likewise, when using a cash bond, it is important to know that it can take up to weeks to return the cash to the co-signer after the case is completed. This could create an additional hardship for the people involved. That is why we greatly recommend the surety bond when applicable.

A surety bond, often referred to simply as a bail bond, is a contract that you sign with a bail agent, enabling you to only pay a small portion of the bail fee. This premium fee is paid to an agent who then fronts the entire bail fee and helps you through the process of getting your loved one discharged. This premium fee is nonrefundable or negotiable as a measure for the bail agent to earn a living. However, it is a small price to pay for the comfort of one’s home throughout the arrest bail, and trial process. In California, this bail premium is fixed at a flat rate of ten percent to ensure that all parties involved are paying/receiving a fair price in exchange for their services. Riverside Bail Bonds will graciously except this fee in cash, check, credit, debit, money order, cashier check, or property. We offer many options so that it does not have to be a burden to pay off. Likewise, our agents are well known in the region for being the fastest, most skilled, compassionate workers in all of Twenty-nine Palms. They will get you all the steps necessary to ensure your loved one is cared for and they will do it while keeping your freedoms and dignity intact. You will not find better service in the area. However, if this choice is not feasible, we can also offer you the choice of issuing a property bond.

A last resort, if a bail bond is simply not doable, can be to obtain a property bond. Unlike a surety bond, property bonds are secured with collateral. Collateral can qualify as anything worth one and a half times the value of the bond. This overage is necessary to cover the fees involved with the additional paperwork in filing property under the bond. The most commonly seen examples of collateral used are jewelry, automobiles, boats, and real estate. However, property bonds take far more paperwork to secure and thus can take months to fully complete. Therefore property bonds are discouraged in most cases. The lengthier process defeats the purpose of a speedy discharge. Property bonds are typically used in cases concerning illegal immigration to ensure that the defendant remains in the United States while tending to their legal responsibilities regarding their case.  These cases are overseen by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and can take months to complete. We want your loved one home fast, so we encourage our clients to avoid this option unless mandated by a judge. Property Bonds furthermore cannot be passed on to another person, so if a bond is forfeited, the co-signer takes the risk of losing their property. In the case of a forfeiture, the property is sold at auction and all restitutions are paid off. The remaining funds are then returned to the co-signer. If the mentioned co-signer decides they no longer want their property secured, they must fill out the paperwork to release the bond and return the defendant to custody. Property bonds can be unnecessarily complex, and we recommend the surety bond whenever possible.

What Happens Next?

After the ten percent has been paid and the paperwork has been completed, we will send a bail agent to the facility to begin the release process. This can take anywhere from 3 to 12 hours varying on the population of the jail. But what you do from there will determine the well-being of your case for the duration of your trial. We advise the defendant that the first thing they should do is contact an attorney and any additional litigation that will help them to receive the best possible outcome for their defense. Being released on bail is a privilege that should not be taken lightly. It is a chance for the defendant to fight their case from the comfort of their home while returning to work, caring for loved ones, and in the case of a conviction to get their affairs in order. This is not a time to relax because the trial is where all decisions must be thoroughly and methodically planned out and acted upon. We will gladly help you to find all of the resources you may possibly need in this time of confusion. Our agents are waiting to take your call, around the clock.

You might ask, what do I need to do to remain out on bail?  You might have thought that the hard decisions stop here, but you are going to have to comply with the orders of the courts if you expect to maintain your freedoms that are granted with bail. First, it is crucial to be aware that if you are the co-signer, you are fully liable for the entire bail fee if the bail is revoked. Revocation of bail can be fulfilled for many reasons, that we will explain in a second, but it is ultimately up to the discretion of the judge. As a rule of thumb, the co-signer should consistently update all contact information and keep an open line of communication between the defendant, the bail agency, and the courts. This is to make sure that everyone is on the same page throughput the process and are made aware of any changes to the ongoing case. Likewise, the defendant will be given a set of stipulations in which they must comply.  The first requirement is that the defendant remains in the jurisdiction of the courts for the duration of the trial. This is to ensure they can be contacted with any updates regarding their case. Likewise, they will obviously be required to consistently attend all court hearing unless an emergency situation occurs. It is also necessary that the defendant not be charged with any additional crimes including any violations to restraining orders. The defendant will be asked to comply with any rules set forth by the judge or the judge will issue a bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest. That will leave the defendant approximately thirty days to return to custody or the co-signer will be held responsible for the entire bail fee.

So long as the defendant and the co-signer comply with all rules, the defendant will be able to remain out on bail for the duration of their case. If for any reason the bail is revoked, and the co-signer is being faced with an unwanted burden of fees, we can be there to help. The only way to reverse a revoked bond in most cases is to have the bail agency write a letter containing a resumption of liability for the bond. At this point it will be to the discretion of the judge as to whether or not they will reinstate the bond. These letters will cost you hundreds of dollars with other agencies but with Riverside Bail Bonds it is free of charge. We will do what we can to protect the co-signer and the defendant throughout this process.

Why Riverside Bail Bonds?

Riverside Bail Bonds has been well established in San Bernardino County for many years. We are licensed and insured to deal with even the most complex of circumstances. Our office is open around the clock to be available to you when the unexpected goes down. No one is ready to face the burden of a bail bond, and that is why we are committed to offering a wide range of payment plans to make bail affordable to all families. We understand that this can be an embarrassing and confusing time and the last thing we want is to add to your stress. We will operate with complete confidentiality, never using your private information for promotional gains. Our agents are trained to be compassionate in every situation and will be there to help you when the going gets rough.

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If you want the best bail agency in Twenty-nine Palms, look no further. We only hire agents with experience working in the San Bernardino Court systems to ensure that every tactic is employed for a faster, affordable jail release. We want your loved one home just as much as you do and will be available day or night, weekend or holiday to take your call. We will happily accept your calls at 951-788-2663 or you can visit us in person at our Riverside office on 4277 Mainstreet. We are local to ensure that you have access to all for the resources you need to help you in this confusing time. We will walk you through every step and make sure you are aware of all of your responsibilities before committing to any contracts. Contact us today and allow us to get you your freedoms back.

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