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Even though it can be a frightening experience, being arrested isn't the end of the world. The most important factor in the process is hiring a bail bond agent who has the knowledge and experience to get you through a difficult time. The agents at Riverside Bail Bonds are both knowledgeable and professional. They have been in business for many years and have been through almost every imaginable situation. If you have questions or need a bail bond written immediately, call 951-788-2663 to speak to a live agent. An agent is always available!

Where Do I Go for Court?

If any of your court hearings are to be held in the Chino Hills, California area you will have to appear at the Rancho Cucamonga District Courthouse located at 8303 Haven Avenue in Rancho Cucamonga, California. If you have questions and need to call the courthouse, the number for criminal cases is 909-350-9764. This information will be included in your paperwork along with a list of your charges and any stipulations that were put in place by the judge. The dates of your scheduled hearings will also be included. If, for any reason, you need facilitation in attending your court dates, we are happy to assist. We will do everything we can to accommodate the defendant and the co-signer throughout the duration of the case.

What About Bail?

Immediately after an arrest, the defendant will be taken to the nearest available jail and the booking process will begin, this is relatively fast but must be done before the bail is posted. Everyone has the right to bail according to the 8th Amendment of the Constitution. The only case in which bail is denied is if the judge deems the defendant is a danger to the community or the flight risk is far too high. In rare cases, the defendant can avoid bail by being released on “own Recognizance” meaning they have a minimal charge, good reputation in the community, and low flight risk.

Bail is set high to discourage defendants from fleeing justice. If bail is set as a cash bond, you will have to pay the full amount of the bond in cash in order to obtain the defendant's release. If the defendant is offered a surety bond, you will need to hire a bail bonds agency if you can't pay for the bond in cash. When you hire a bail bonds agent, they will complete the application over the phone, in person, or electronically. This process only takes thirty minutes. You will then have to secure the contract by paying a 10% premium. Per California law, the premium you pay will be 10% of the total bond amount and can be paid in several different ways: cash, money order, credit/debit cards, cashier's checks or physical property.

How Do I Know How Much to Pay?

Beyond the 10% premium, a reliable bonds agency should be very clear about what additional expenses will be required of you. It is advised that you do not sign anything g without a thorough explanation for what it is. This is because unfortunately, most agencies utilize hidden fees to maximize their profits at your expense. Hidden fees you should be looking for are typically annual premiums, twofold bond charges, and “resumption of liability” write ups. Riverside Bail Bonds will never engage in these behaviors and will only ask for one fee, upfront, that will cover our services for the duration of your case.  It is important to be cautious and only pay for what was agreed to at the initial creation of any contract with the bail agency. This is to protect both the co-signer and defendant, and the agency issuing the bond.

An annual premium is when the agency requires you to renew your bond in the even that your case extends beyond a full year. What they do not tell you, is that this fee can sum up to the initial premium or even more. This simply unreasonable as it is not uncommon for cases to extend beyond a year, to no fault of the defendant. Likewise, agencies will often require you to re-purchase your bond if the district attorney fails to make formal charges, resulting in a cancelled bond. Riverside Bail Bonds will never ask you to pay any additional fees beyond the 10% premium. In fact, we even offer the service of writing “Resumption of Liability” letters for free. These are necessary to reinstate bail after it has been forfeited by the judge, as a measure to protect the co-signer from having to pay the full costs of the bail. While other agencies cost hundreds of dollars for this letter, we will never charge you. We want nothing more for you to feel at ease in our hands.

Once the premium has been paid, the agent will go to the jail to post the bond and retrieve your loved one. It is not unlikely for this process to take several hours if the jail is crowded, but we will do everything in our power to operate in a timely manner. The agent will go over what happens next and will make sure the defendant knows when their court date is and where they will have to go to appear in court. They will also go over any stipulations the court has put in place while the bond is in effect.

When the defendant has been released from jail, they must remain in compliance with any conditions that were put in place by the court. These can include but are not limited to: consistent attendance to all court hearings, remaining within the jurisdiction of the court, reporting any changes in contact information, maintaining a clean record, and complying with any restraining orders. If the defendant follows the orders of the court, their bond will remain in place and they can return to work and continue to care for their family. However, the judge may forfeit the bond at any point if there is no compliance. If this happens, the co-signer will be given a grace period of thirty days to return the defendant to jail or they will be held fully responsible for the entire amount of the bail. We will work with both the co-signer and the defendant to ensure that all protocol is met and will go as far as to helping the defendant attend all hearings.

During this time, it is in the defendant’s best interest to contact an attorney and work with them to build the best defense possible for their case. They can also use this time to get their affairs in order in case they do receive any jail time during sentencing. It's important to make the most of the time that's available and be mindful of their obligations.

Who Do I Talk To?

The bail bond agency you hire will be your guide as well as a vital source of information. You can contact them at any time if you have questions or concerns about bail or the bail bond process. Once the defendant has been released, they will be required to check in with the agent on a regular basis. In some cases, this may be once a week or once a day, depending on the circumstances. Because your bail bond agent has established a working relationship with law enforcement and court representatives throughout the state, they will be able to get information for you as to the defendant's charges, their release time and other important information you may need. The agents of Riverside Bail Bonds Bail Bonds are always available to help, any time, night or day.

We Take Your Time Seriously

We comprehend that being arrested can be an extremely upsetting circumstance for both the one captured and their friends and family influenced by the arrest. That is the reason we do all that we can to limit the time spent in jail by you or your cherished one. To achieve this, we open up our offices, 24 hours per day, expanding our accessibility to contact you at your most vulnerable time. We are working regardless of weekends and holidays to furnish you with heavenly administration. We fill in as fast as could reasonably be expected, to keep that time spent in jail to a minimum, using every skill acquired make thereof a reality. Our bail operators are excellently skilled in all of the abilities that can be utilized in shortening the bail procedure. Notwithstanding how swarmed the courts and prison frameworks can be, we are sure that we can give you the best shot of being discharged on bail inside the briefest realistic time allotment.

We Have Skilled and Experienced Bail Bond Agents in Riverside

We are a business that takes extraordinary incentive in the uprightness and self-adequacy of every one of our representatives. Hence, we only contract bail bonds operators who are very much experienced with bail in the Chino Hills territory and have communicated the most extreme competency and sympathy in their field. Our operators know the framework well and use their mastery to make it a smooth procedure for you. They are prepared to discover each proviso and convenience in the framework to give you the most ideal help with your individual circumstance. You will neglect to discover an organization that takes care of business quicker and more precise than us.

We Can Help with ALL Your Bail Bond Needs

Riverside Bail Bonds offers help with each sort of bail bond you could require. Moreover, we will set aside the opportunity to disentangle what sort of bond is required and what the most ideal approach to paying said bond would be. We comprehend that these are difficult decisions to make, yet we will help you through everything. Some bond circumstances can be particularly mind boggling, yet our bondsmen are prepared to deal with these exceptional cases at a specialist level. Notwithstanding what you or a friend or family member is accused of, you should contact a bondsman promptly to guarantee you expand your time and opportunity and guide it towards battling your case to the best degree plausible.

A portion of these exceptional cases may include those concerning immigration. Not at all like different bonds, Immigration bonds are generally anchored with property for the motivations behind courts guaranteeing that respondents will stay inside The United States as long as it is required to deal with their legitimate duties. Paying with property can frequently be less demanding for those paying high sums in bail. Insurance can qualify as anything from jewelry to autos or realty. The catch is that dissimilar to money bonds, property bonds cannot be exchanged to someone else. Additionally, realize that the property utilized as guarantee must be no less than 150% of the estimation of the bond sum. This overage is essential keeping in mind the end goal to make up for costs related with a property bond.

We Know Privacy

Arrests requiring bail are often private matters within the family and we regard them accordingly with 100% confidentiality on all levels of task. We esteem your trust and need to advise you of any choices we come to with a specific end goal to guarantee that you are given the most extreme care. You can find trust in realizing that our representatives are prepared to do whatever is imperative to ensure your protection all through this procedure. We will not utilize you or your circumstance as a way to embrace our business. We go well beyond to guarantee all that you do is private. We will take every measure to protect your privacy and provide comfort to you in this difficult time.

We Treat Our Clients Like Family

We enable our operators to be accessible to you 24 hours every day with the goal that you can connect with us whenever you may need. Along with this availability, our operators are accessible and utilize the best level of empathy for each situation they are depended with. We treat our customers like we would want our own family to be dealt with in such an upsetting circumstance. Hence, we procure workers with an expanded feeling of sympathy and meticulousness to guarantee that you are getting the best care that we bring to the table. We comprehend that numerous individuals are new to the procedure of bail, and we are here to make it as simple and advantageous as it can be, given the circumstance.

When we get the respondent discharged from jail, they should take after the requests and conditions put forward by the court. This can incorporate staying in the purview of the court, detailing any adjustments in address or business, dodging the charge of extra violations, and going to all court hearings. By following these guidelines, the bond will remain anchored and the defendant can return to their day by day tasks, working and looking after their family. Our interest is to get you home as quick as we can with minimal burden set upon your family.

Any More Questions?

Do not let your situation become harder than it needs to be. If you live in or near Chino Hills, California, call the bail bonds agents at Riverside Bail Bonds at 951-788-2663. The agents are available whenever you need them. Nights, holidays, weekends, anytime at all. Call the office and speak to a live agent if you have any questions or concerns. If you would rather speak to us in person, you are more than welcome to give us a visit at our office in Riverside at 4277 Main Street. We are looking forward to helping you get back on your feet again. No one can prepare ahead of time for an arrest. We will get you through this with your dignity and respect. Let us help you maintain your freedoms.

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