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Navigating the bail process can be an incredibly arduous and complicated challenge, especially if you have never gone through it before. Choosing the right bail bonds agent can regularly be the most-important step when figuring out bail.

If you are looking for help securing your bail bond in the Blythe, California area, Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds can help. Experienced and skilled, we have a track record of being a simple, affordable agency well-known for making the process as easy as possible. No matter what kind of bond you need, we have the knowledge needed to guide you and get you, or your loved one, out of jail as soon and as smoothly, and quickly, as possible.

When choosing a bail bonds agent in Blythe, there are some key factors you must consider when making such a big decision.


Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds has extensive experience handling bonds for almost every kind of case. No matter the situation, we will be able to make the process as simple as possible. We have been in the business for decades and have amassed the first-hand experience needed to properly navigate the challenges you will face.


We are committed to getting you and your loved ones out of jail as soon as legally possible. We know very well that getting back home with loved ones is almost always the top priority of those in need of bail bonds, so we do whatever we can to make the path out of jail as quick and easy as possible. Due to our proximity to the local jail, we are well-known for being the agents who can get you from jail to home in the shortest amount of time.


We have established an impeccable reputation for being the number 1 bail bond service you can count on in Blythe. We can provide countless testimonials from satisfied customers and are well-reviewed online.

With bail bonds, you cannot risk taking a chance on an agent who is not 100 percent reliable. You can rest assured upon your initial call, Rocco Edivan bail bonds are the most-trusted bail agency in Blythe, CA.

Customer Service

We have skilled and experienced bond agents available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to serve you. Our agents bring a personal touch and truly want to assist while making sure you find the least-stressful path to freedom. Our agents provide customized free introductory calls and will be there from the start to the conclusion of your case. The quality service does not stop there either, as we will also still be available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have after the bonds have been processed.


We take great pride in our experience portfolio of working with every kind of case under the sun, numerous times. Our agents have the experience and training required to properly tackle even the most-complicated cases with exquisite care, skill and speed. That's why we are Blythe's most-trusted source for bail bonds.


Our clients' privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we put your confidentiality above all else. We ensure any and all information and interactions are kept 100 percent confidential and we work with each of our clients with the utmost discretion. You, or your loved one's, information will never have to fear that any information will ever be shared.


There are no questions our agents won't answer throughout the bail bonds process. Our agents are dedicated to providing you the right answers to any questions or concerns that may arise.


We are conveniently located in Blythe, CA which means we are the fastest to bail you out. We have a wealth of experience working in the area and have expertise in the most common issues that arise during the bail process in the city of Blythe, the county of Riverside and the state of California.

One of the larger cities in Riverside County, Blythe has a population of nearly 20,000 and receives a large amount of tourism and commuter traffic due to its convenient location along the Arizona/California border, between the cities of Los Angeles and Phoenix. Because of this, the city is frequently utilized as a stopover city for drivers on their way between the two major cities.

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"From one bail bond company to another I recommend Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds. His family owned bail bonds company is all about treating people right!"
Owner - Ryan Wells

"I refer all my bail bonds business to Rocco Edivan when someone is in trouble in Riverside. I trust him and his employees to take care of people."
Owner - Paul Cauruso

"Rocco Edivan is a great and honest person who I recommend to anyone"
Negin Yamini - Los Angeles Criminal Attorney

"Honest and reliable company who takes care of everyone I know"
Vincent Ross - Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

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