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Orange County is the heart of Southern California, home to beautiful beaches, highly esteemed universities, and the “Happiest Place on Earth.”  One downside to this is that Orange County is also home to thousands of arrests every year. Being arrested can be an overwhelming experience, not only for the defendant, but for their family, friends, and litigation. No one wants to see their loved one in such a vulnerable position. Fortunately, there is a way to protect them. As the family of someone who has recently been arrested, your first action, to protect them and provide them with the best possible chance of a good outcome for their case, should be to call a reputable bail agency to navigate you through the bail process. Riverside Bail Bonds Bonds has been long established in the Orange County and greater Southern California area for years, and we are confident that we can give you the help you need and deserve. Bail can be an emotional and financial burden on a family, but with Riverside Bail Bonds, we can make your bail fast, efficient, and affordable. You should not waste another minute, as every second could be used contacting an agent and starting the process to getting your loved one home where they belong. We want to make this as simple and accessible to you as we can. You can give us a call at 951-788-2663 and we will have an agent on the line to walk you through the process. If you feel like you would prefer an in-person meeting with an agent, we can be of service to you as well. Come and take a visit to our office in Riverside on 4277 Main Street. Regardless of your situation, we can be there for you to keep your freedoms and dignity intact.

What to do Next

Immediately after an arrest takes place, the defendant will be taken to the closest available detention facility in Orange County for booking and processing. For most defendants this central jail complex is located on 550 N. Flower Street, Santa Ana, CA 92703. However, you can access the location of other jail facilities through our website. The booking process is brief, but it must be completed before the defendant can receive a bail posting. Bail is posted either by a bail schedule or a bail hearing. When the crime committed or charged with is a misdemeanor or other common crime in the area, it is typically posted via schedule. A bail schedule is simply a list of predetermined bail charged for crimes to speed along the bail process. However, if the crime the defendant has been charged with is more high profile, a bail hearing will have to be scheduled where a judge can make a formal decision on bail. Regardless of how your bail is posted, you should contact a bail agent as soon as you are made aware of an arrest. This way, the bail agent can get into contact with the courts and begin gathering the proper information in relations to the case.

Paying for Bail

The next step in enabling your loved one to have the best possible chance of defense for their case is to sign a bail contract, also known as a bond. There many different ways to approach paying for bail, but a bond will ensure that you are receiving the best possible care financially. Remember, as an American citizen, you are protected under the 8th amendment of the Constitution and entitled to bail. The only scenario in which this right can be withheld is if you pose a flight risk or a danger to your community. There are even circumstances where a bail fee may not even be necessary. If you are facing a misdemeanor, have no past criminal history, and have a strong standing in your community, a judge may decide to grant you release on your own recognizance. This would mean that you can return home without having to sign any kind of contract so long as you comply with the courts orders. However, this scenario is fairly uncommon and there is typically some form of a bail fee necessary in order to obtain release. Riverside Bail Bonds is committed to making sure you get the help you need, and that is why we offer many different bail bond options. We are licensed and insured to handle any kind of bond you may need, but we pride ourselves on assisting with the most common bonds: cash bonds, surety bonds, and property bonds. First, we will determine what type you need, then we will walk you through the steps to obtain and maintain it. We are here to service you and will gladly breakdown the process of whatever bond you may need.

When facing a bail charge, your first instinct may be to get it taken care of and pay it all off in cash. This is what we would call obtaining a cash bond. Cash bonds are fairly effective; however, we will explain why this might not want to be your first choice. To begin, bail is very expensive, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. People simply cannot afford to come up with this kind of money on short notice. Furthermore, after the bond has been completed, it can take weeks to issue you your money back, which is extremely inconvenient when you are already facing expensive attorney and litigation fees. Even if you are financially well-endowed, your monetary efforts should be focused towards hiring the best attorney and litigation team you can find. In today’s economy, when it can be a struggle to pay the month’s rent, the last thing we want is for you to take on a financial burden that is simply not feasible, especially when there are far more affordable options. Your best bet at inexpensive and efficient aid, is to contract a surety bond. If you are struggling to come up with the financing, do not be concerned! Riverside Bail Bonds offers many in-house payment plans to make bail affordable to families of all economic backgrounds. Likewise, we accept a plethora of payment options such as: cash, check, credit, debit, money order, cashier’s check, and collateral to pay off your bail bonds fees.

A surety bond is fast, efficient, affordable, and by far the best option when you are looking to get your loved one home in no time. Unlike paying for a cash bond, a bail bond allows you to pay a portion of the bail fee as a premium expense to a bail agent who covers the rest of the bail on your behalf. This premium fee is nonrefundable or negotiable as it is a requirement by law to ensure that all parties are paying a fair price. In California, this fee is fixed at a rate of 10%, but that is a small price to pay for phenomenal service. Keep in mind, as a co-signer, you will be taking full responsibility for the bond. We will do everything to protect the defendant and the co-signer in this pressing time. No one should have to face the pressure of a bail fee on their own. It can financially and emotionally damage the family of that loved one. That is why Riverside Bail Bonds offers this alternative to relieve that sort of burden from the weight of your shoulders. We would highly advise you to accept this option, however if it is simply not feasible, we will provide you with one more alternative that might be a better option for your particular situation.

A final option in obtaining a bail bond is to secure it with property. This is most commonly, hence the name, called a property bond. Property bonds are similar to surety bond sin that you are paying a premium fee and need a co-signer, however this bond cannot be passed onto another persona and must be anchored with collateral. Collateral can mean any sorts of things such as jewelry, cars, and real estate, but it is not limited to thereof. One limitation, however, is that the worth of the anchorage must exceed one and a half times the value of the bond. This overage is necessary to ensure that all additional restitutions involved with securing property are managed. Property bonds can often be very inconvenient as they require far more paperwork, leading to a longer processing time. Meanwhile your loved one would be waiting in custody until it is sorted out. Likewise, because a property bond cannot be passed onto another person, if the co-signer wishes to untie their property to the bond, they will have to relinquish it. Property bonds are typically issued in cases relating to illegal immigration. A judge will often mandate that the bail must betide down with collateral as an incentive for the defendant to remain in the country for the duration of their case. If the judge decides to forfeit the bond, the property will be sold to the highest bidder to pay off the bail fees and the remaining funds will be returned to the co-signer. Tis method is not recommended simply because it is a long and complex process. We ensure you that your best option, unless mandated by the court to do otherwise, is to obtain a surety bond.

What to do Next

After you have filled out the application and paid the premium fee, we will have an agent immediately on their way to have the defendant released. This process can take anywhere from 3. To 12 hours, depending on the capacity of the jail. Keep in mind, that after the defendant is released, things do not simply go back to normal/. You and the defendant are both going to have to follow some orders set into place by the court in order to maintain release from custody. For the co-signer, this means keeping all contact information updated between the bail agency and the courts. This is to ensure that everyone is informed in any case when a change is made. The defendant, however, is going to be required to follow far more stipulations. It is common for a judge to mandate that the defendant remain in the jurisdiction of the courts at all times and attend all case hearings. Likewise, the defendant will have to avoid any additional charges, including violations to restraining orders. Finally, the defendant will be asked to check in on a weekly basis with their bail agent. If the defendant fails to comply with any of these regulations, the judge has their own discretion in which to relinquish the bond. First, they will issue a bench warrant and the defendant will have approximately thirty days to return to custody. If the defendant does not return to custody, the bond will be forfeited, and the co-signer will have to cover the full fee of the bond. To prevent this from happening, all you have to do is keep in contact with the defendant and follow all requirements. Riverside Bail Bonds is happy to assist by reminding you of court dates and attending those dates with the defendant.

After you are released from custody, there are a few things you should take care of before you choose to relax. No matter what, your first action should be to contact an attorney and the appropriate litigation for your case. We want to ensure that you have the best possible odds in fighting your case. We will gladly refer you to reputable attorneys, but you have to make that first step. Bail is beneficial in that it allows you to fight your case with all of your freedoms from home. It allows you to return to work, care for your families, and to get your affairs in order in the event of a conviction. We want to help you feel confident in your decisions throughout this process so allow us to prove to you why our bail agency is like no other.

What Makes Riverside Bail Bonds the “go-to” agency in Orange County!

We understand that this process can be quite confusing for you, but we want to make sure that you go to someone that you can trust. Riverside Bail Bonds has years of experience in this industry, but we want to prove to you why we are so highly recommended in Orange County!

We are Fast

The most important aspect to obtaining a bail bond is that its fast. Fortunately for you, Riverside Bail Bonds is readily available to you at any hour of the day. That’s right, we are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Arrests don’t happen on a time schedule, so you need help that isn’t dependent on one either. Our agents have been long established in Orange County and understand all of the tricks and tendencies of the courts so that they can minimize the time your loved one spends in custody.

We are Discreet

Privacy is an important matter, especially when your family is dealing with the stress of an arrest. We can assure you that our agency is committed to 100% confidentiality in all interactions that take place between you and our agents. The last thing we want is for you to feel unsafe, so we make sure your personal information is never compromised or exploited. Unlike other agencies, we will not use your situation to promote our business. We are solely committed to being a source of comfort to you in this difficult time.

We are Compassionate

The bail industry is a field that greatly lacks compassion, and we want to change those statistics. We are a family owned and operated agency that is committed to treating every one of our clients like they belong. We will take great attention to your case and answer all of your burning questions and concerns, so that you feel confident making fully informed decision on behalf of your loved one’s case. We offer stellar customer service that you will not find anywhere else in Orange County.

We can go on and on about why our agency is like no other but give us the opportunity to prove it to you. We greatly value that you have chosen to trust us with your business and we promise that you will not be disappointed. Call us today at 951-788-2663. We have agents waiting around the clock to answer your call. Let us be of service to you by getting your loved one home so they can defend themselves with all of their entitled freedoms. Do not wait another minute. Your time is crucial to your next actions. Call our Orange County Bail Bonds company today!

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