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During just the first weekend of Indio's 2016 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, 128 people were arrested on charges of drug possession, use of alcohol by a minor, and obstructing police from performing their duty. This number came very close to out-doing the 2015 arrest total of 226, and the Indio Police Department states that the uptick in arrests is directly related to stricter enforcement.

The Indio city motto, "The Place to Be," makes sense when enjoying a festival or the city's famous locally grown dates, but Indio is also a common place to be arrested. 

And one of the first things you need to do when you or your loved one are arrested in Indio is to contact a bail bonds agency, like Riverside Bail Bonds, that has mobile agents on the ground and can respond quickly in your hour of need.

Arrested in Indio, CA

Upon being arrested, the defendant will be taken to the closest available jail for booking and processing. Those arrested in Indio will likely be taken immediately to the Indio Detention Center Jail Facility at 46057 Oasis Street. This facility, managed by the Riverside Sheriff's Department, holds both suspects awaiting trial and convicted criminals. It holds both male and female inmates.

To minimize the time spent at Indio Jail or another facility, it is critical to call a bail bonds agent early so that your loved one's bail can be posted as soon as he/she is fully booked. At Riverside Bail Bonds, we possess a detailed knowledge of the local Indio jail and court systems as well as of California bail and bail bonds law. We know how to move quickly to bail you or a loved one out of jail and how to avoid unnecessary delays.

Bail Bonds in Indio, CA

Before we begin to explain the many different options and approaches you could take to pay your bail, we want to make sure you understand your rights. As an American citizen, you have a right to bail as you are awaiting your trial. The only circumstances that would allow for this right to be voided are 1. If you are a flight risk or 2. You pose a threat to the community. These circumstances will be deemed appropriate by a judge. If you feel that your rights have unfairly been violated, you should contact an attorney immediately.

Your bail amount will be determined based on the nature of the alleged crime you were arrested for, with reference to the Riverside County bail schedule and to your past criminal record. If your crime is of high caliber, you may have to wait until a bail hearing before your bail can be posted. As soon as it is posted, we can begin the discharge process, so it is crucial that you call a bail agent as soon as the arrest occurs. We want to help your loved one get home as soon as possible and will take every measure to make that happen.

Your first instinct may be to pay the bail in cash and get it over with. However, this is highly discouraged for many reasons. First off, bail is very expensive, and in today’s age it can be a struggle just to pay the bills. Most people do not have that kind of money just laying around and bail can range from 5,000 to 50,000 dollars easy. Likewise, if you decide to pay with a check, the process could be dragged out even longer to validate the funds behind it. We recommend, that even if you have the funds, you put all your focus towards a good attorney and purchase the surety bond. It is more reliable and more affordable in every situation. The amount is typically too high for most to pay in cash, and very few are released without bail on their own recognizance (O.R.) Thus, it is almost always more practical to take out a bail bond, which allows you to get out of jail fast after paying only a fraction of the bail amount.

The California Department of Insurance dictates that premiums for bail bonds in the state shall be 10% of the bail amount, not more nor less. Other than special instances that allow an 8% fee or a 15% fee for federal bail bonds, any deviation from this set premium rate is illegal and destroys the validity of your bail bond. Be sure you are dealing with a reputable company that offers the true, legal rates. As the co-signer, you will pay this percentage to the bondsman who will the post the entire bail fee to the judge. You will not receive the 10% fee back when the bail is completed, as this is the way for a bonds agency to profit. However, it is a small price for incredible service at an affordable rate.

If a surety bond is beyond reach for you or your family, it is also possible to take out a property bond. Unlike the surety bond, property bonds cannot be passed to another person and must exceed one and a half times the value of the bond. Property can qualify as all kinds of things. The most commonly seen items that are used as collateral are jewelry, cars, boats, planes, houses, and land. However, if your item is valuable and reasonable, we can make it work. In the case of the bond being forfeited by a judge, the property would be sold at auction and all restitutions would be covered before the remaining funds would be given back to the co-signer. However, if the co-signer wishes to release their property, before a bond is forfeited, they would have to return the defendant to custody and fill out the appropriate paperwork. Keep in mind that this option is not always ideal as it takes quite a decent amount of time to fill out the bond paperwork concerning property. If your goal is for your loved one to be returned home fast and efficiently, this alternative often defeats the purpose. Cases that typically involve a property bond are those associated with immigration because they require the defendant to remain in The United States while tending to their legal responsibilities.

If your issue is regarding financial hardship, Riverside Bail Bonds can be there to help you. We offer many in-house financing options to make a surety bond readily available to you. We will graciously accept cash, credit/debit, check, cashier check, money order, and collateral.

Note that the bail bonds agency is liable to the court for the full bail amount when a bail bond is posted, and the bond's co-signer is liable to reimburse the bail bonds agency should the bond money be lost due to the defendant's failure to show up for his/her court dates and abide by the terms of his bail. Also note that a forfeited bond can be reinstated by the court after the defendant finally appears, though this is not at all guaranteed. To remain out on bail, we would advise you to follow the following protocol that is often set in place by the court. It is most important for the co-signer to keep an open line of communication between the courts and the bail agency. This includes weekly check-ins with the defendant to ensure that all other stipulations are being met. The defendant will be required to have consistent attendance to all court hearings, avoid the charging of any additional crimes, follow any restraining orders set into place, and remain within the jurisdiction of the court of law. We will diligently remind the defendant of these requirements and are available to assist the defendant’s attendance to court. It is our goal to make the defendant and the co-signer as comfortable as possible and we will do just that throughout this process.

Bail bonds are a tool that allows an arrestee to get out of jail before his arraignment, so he can hire a good lawyer and have time to prepare a solid defense. As long as the bail terms are adhered to, a bail bond is a great help.

How Fast Can I Get My Bail Bond?

As mentioned above, we at Riverside Bail Bonds have mobile agents who can reach you anywhere in Indio in a matter of minutes. Our staff can take your call 24/7, and we can post bail any day of the year. Our constant availability definitely speeds up the process.

Our familiarity with the process also speeds it up. We can finish paperwork in only 20 to 30 minutes in most cases, including arranging for payment, collateral, and if necessary, a payment plan.

Depending on the busyness level at the jail, it can take several hours or less than an hour for the arrestee to go through booking, and then later, through release. Thus, there is no way to predict precisely how long it will take to post bail and get you or your loved one out of jail. What we can promise is that we will minimize the time involved through a combination of experience and a good old-fashioned work ethic.

Why Are We the Best in Town?

Notoriety and Professionalism

When you need to settle on a bail bonds organization in a rush, you need to pick an office that is outstanding in the Indio territory, has a solid notoriety with both the nearby courts and neighborhood law requirement offices and offers the most noteworthy nature of expert administration. Riverside Bail Bonds has been doing business for quite a long time, working with people in general and additionally all parts of the legitimate framework. The specialists have adopted a set up that works and is skilled in how to deal with even the most troublesome circumstances. Every specialist is very prepared and has extraordinary abilities with regards to working with respondents that may have other legitimate issues. They will ensure that you are cared for throughout the duration of your case.  


It is inconceivable for somebody to plan for a capture, since it happens when we wouldn't dare expect it. This ineptness can regularly influence individuals to feel as though they have no place to go. Luckily, Riverside Bail Bonds has opened its office for 24 hours every day, seven days a week, ends of the week and holidays. We are focused on serving you at your desperate hour, regardless of whether it be 10 am or 4 am. We will be there to answer the greater part of your consuming inquiries with the most extreme vitality and concern. You can call us whenever and we will dependably have a live operator accessible to converse with you by telephone or drive to your area. We have found ourselves in the wonderful city of Riverside with the goal that we can be nearer to you and your circumstance. Our closeness has empowered us to really comprehend the Indio court framework and streamline the time accessible to us to get you out of an extreme circumstance.


Encountering an arrest can be despicable, awkward, humiliating, and badly designed. We never want to influence our customers to feel shamed and will do everything in our power to keep your dignity preserved. Riverside Bail Bonds has set up a 100% confidentiality policy amongst customers and operators to guarantee that no data is imparted to your communicated assent. We are not oblivious in regard to how different offices abuse their customers for the expert pick up of their business. We will never utilize your data for promotional incentives. All that you trust us with will be utilized as an instrument exclusively to get your adored one discharged. We enormously esteem your trust and will not let you down.


Each arrest is unique and requires a particular bond and way to deal with the guarantee that the discharge is fast and affordable. Riverside Bail Bonds is authorized and safeguarded to manage numerous cases including surety bonds, domestic violence cases, prostitution, immigration, property bonds, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. We will navigate through your data and choose precisely what kind of bond you require and what the best approach is for your own circumstance. For, example most immigration cases require a securement of property to guarantee that the respondent stays in the region to deal with their lawful commitments. It is likewise imperative to realize that with a property bond, you can't pass obligation onto a co-signer. This is an extraordinary obligation, yet we will assist you with making sure, beyond any doubt, that you get all that you will need in this hard time.

It is extremely encouraged that when your cherished one is discharged, they contact a lawyer and legitimate agents to give them the absolute best conceivable chance at a good defense for their case. Bail bonds are beneficial to the defendant by enabling to return to their homes, care for their families, go back to work, and tend to their legal responsibilities. We do not desire anything more than for you to be in the solace of your home. This additionally takes into consideration, on account of a negative result, that the defendant will also have the opportunity to get their affairs in order before possibly returning to custody. Regardless of what your situation may entail, we will help you with any of your worries en route.

Contact Us Today for Help

Riverside Bail Bonds has been serving the greater Indio area for many years and is experienced in handling even the most intricate of cases. We have bail operators on standby, around the clock, to ensure that you receive the help that you need. Regardless of what you have been charged with, you need to contact an agent immediately so that they can get you all of the answers you need. We will do everything we can to preserve your freedoms while offering you the best service in town.

Do not wait until your situation gets any worse. Call us today and we can have an agent on their way in less than a few hours. There is not a problem in this field that we cannot solve. We promise that you will not be disappointed if you put your trust in us.

Indio is a city in Riverside County, California, United States, located in the Coachella Valley of Southern California's Colorado Desert region. To learn more or for a free bail bonds consultation, call Riverside Bail Bonds 24/7 at 951-788-2663. We look forward to serving you in your hour of need. We look forward to speaking with you and preserving your freedoms.

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