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Do you live in Santa Ana California? Are you facing an unexpected arrest? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you might be in a sticky situation without the necessary help. Arrests can cost thousands of dollars or more in legal fees, not to mention the emotional disturbances involved with the frightening experience of an arrest. Fortunately, there is a solution to both of these concerns. To mitigate the stressful experience of an arrest, it is crucial that one take the appropriate measures to obtain bail. Bail allows the defendant to fight their criminal charge from the convenience of their home. Likewise, with the help of a reputable bail agency, the costs of bail can substantially be lowered. The next concern might be to locate a reputable bail agency in Santa Ana. However, there is no need to look any further. Riverside Bail Bonds is long established in all of Orange County, with over 17 years of experience. We are fast, efficient, and compassionate. Our agents will walk you through the process and assist you in making fully informed decisions on behalf of the defendant. No one deserves to take on the burden of bail on their own. We will break down the bail process until you fully understand every step. Likewise, we will be alongside you from the start to completion of your case. What if we told you that with the help of a bail agent, we could cut your costs by 90%? Lucky for you, this is most often the case when you find the help of a trustworthy agency. You can contact Riverside Bail Bonds today at 951-531-3934 and we can begin filing the application. It only takes thirty minutes to complete and gets you one step closer to discharging your loved one from custody.

A bail bond is an agreement with the courts that the one’s discharge can be approved if the individual agrees to follow all protocol set in place by the court. These requirements often include consistent attendance to all court hearings, avoidance of further criminal charges (including violations of restraining orders), remaining within the jurisdiction of the court, checking in with your bail agency on a weekly basis, and any additional requirements. If all of these measures are taken to maintain your bail, it can be of great benefit to your situation. Jail is a frightening experience that no one should have to face until they are proven guilty. With bail, the defendant tis given back their dignity and their freedoms. Likewise, they are able to fight their case with access to all of the resources possible in bettering the outcome of their case. Riverside Bail Bonds is the best hands to be in if your end goal is for the defendant to be home with their loved ones where they belong. If you would like to learn more about the basics of the bail bond process, read further!

How to Pay for Bail

Before we go on to explain the many different types of bonds you could acquire, it is important to know your rights. Under the 8th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, all citizens are protected from the administration of unnecessary bail fees. Likewise, the Bail Reform Act of 1984 further safeguards citizens from unfair bail fees and still exists in the bail laws that are seen today. For instance, when a defendant has no past history of criminal charges and is facing a misdemeanor crime, it is not beyond reason for a judge to releasee the defendant on their personal recognizance. This would mean that the defendant would not have to pay any sort of bail expense. It is also possible for a defendant to be releases by discharge on citation. This occurs when the arresting officer releases the defendant so long as they show up in court at their designated date. However, these two scenarios tend to be uncommon and there is typically some sort of bail fee attached.  

For a few people, it might be conceivable to post safeguard in real money, totally forthright This choice isn't prescribed or essentially practical for most, given that safeguard is intentionally set at a high add up to dishearten respondents from escaping their court appearances. Bail can cost somewhere in the range of thousands of dollars. Notwithstanding when it is conceivable to pay forthright, we urge you to discover a bail bonds operator which can be unquestionably more reasonable. The safeguard specialist will fill the majority of the printed material out for you, and here at Riverside Bail Bonds, we know the majority of the propensities and practices of the court which can be used in accelerating the procedure.

On the off chance that a safeguard bond is impractical, a final resort can be a property bond. Property can qualify as jewelry, vehicles, realty, among different things, and it should twofold the estimation of the full safeguard to guarantee that it will be secured incorporating the extra expenses in preparing a property bond. This alternative isn't prescribed as it takes the longest to get a discharge while all the printed material associated with a property bond is needed to be filed and confirmed. The reason for a safeguard bond is to be quick, so this alternative regularly nullifies the point. Property Bonds are regularly issued in cases with respect to illegal immigration because of it authorizing that the litigant stay in the United States while dealing with lawful obligations. A further downside to issuing a property bond is that it cannot be passed onto another co-signer. This means that if the co-signer decides they no longer wish to be held liable for the bond, they will have to cancel the bond and return the defendant to custody. However, if the bond is revoked by a judge and the defendant flees bail, the property will be sold at auction and the remains will be returned to the co-signer. This can take weeks to fully process and is highly inconvenient. Thus whenever available, we highly recommend the surety bond which we will now thoroughly describe.

A surety bond is the most convenient method of paying for bail as it is very fast and very affordable. With a surety bond, you are only required to pay a level of the whole fee to a specialist who will then post the rest of the bail charge on your behalf. This enables the litigant to be discharged while maintaining a strategic distance from the monetary weight of a full safeguard sum. In California, this exceptional rate is secured at precisely 10% of the posted safeguard. There is one special case where this expense can be set at 8% when the customer is alluded to an operator by their lawyer. Despite paying either 10% or 8%, this is still much better than paying the full 100% on such late notice. Over that, Riverside Bail Bonds offers numerous in-house financing alternatives to the individuals who are fiscally troubled. Likewise, we accept a wide span of payments such as cash, credit, debit, check, cashier’s check, money orders, and collateral. If you feel that you are facing a unique situation, we are more than willing to discuss and accommodate your circumstances.

A typical routine with regards to safeguard bonds organizations is to issue shrouded expenses that the customer Is ignorant of and made obligated for with no notice. One of these charges is for a "Resumption of Liability Letter." When a customer escapes their safeguard and the safeguard is relinquished by the judge, the main route for a co-signer to abstain from being considered completely in charge of the safeguard is by restoring the litigant to imprison and presenting a letter from the safeguard bonds office to the court that peruses that the safeguard organization is as yet eager to cover the safeguard, so safeguard might be reestablished. This letter is frequently an extra charge by safeguard organizations who wish to enjoy upon the bothers of their customer. Riverside Bail Bonds does not take part in this unfair conduct and is cheerful to compose the letter, for nothing out of pocket. We put our customer's best advantages first and plan to make this circumstance less demanding for both the respondent and the co-signer. In like manner, there are circumstances where the lead prosecutor's office neglects to put a formal charge on the respondent, causing a safeguard attach to be dropped. In this circumstance, another safeguard bond must be anchored, and safeguard organizations will frequently charge the superior expense for another bond. At Riverside Bail Bonds, we won't charge you past the underlying premium. We will be with you for the span of your case. In like manner, we comprehend that a few cases can stretch out past a year and along these lines we will never expect you to pay a yearly expense. We hold all charges as far as anyone is concerned and don't charge any concealed expenses. You won't discover this affability with some other organization.

Remember, a bail bond can only remain in place if all convention set by the court is maintained by both the respondent and the co-signer. In the event that any of these norms are not met, the judge can start the process of relinquishing the bond. For this situation, the litigant will have roughly 30 days to return back to imprison or the co-signer will be considered completely in charge of the safeguard. We are more than willing to encourage getting litigants to their court dates. We strive to help the co-signer avoid extra hardships that are unnecessary to the overall advancement of the case. As long as the co-signer continually checks in with the bail organization and keeps all case changes updated, Riverside Bail Bonds Bail Bonds will do everything in our power to protect the co-signer from any inconveniences.

The Arrest and Seizure

After the litigant is accused of a wrongdoing, they will be captured and taken to the closest accessible correctional facility. For litigants in the Santa Ana region, this is likely the Men's or Women's Central Jail on 550 N. Bloom St. Santa Clause Ana, CA, 92703. The litigant from that point will be booked and prepared, which will take somewhere in the range of 30 to 120 minutes. This procedure must be finished before safeguard can be posted, nonetheless you should call a safeguard organization as soon as you are made mindful of a capture. Safeguard is ordinarily posted in one of two different ways. The first is through a bail schedule. At the point when a wrongdoing is considered common in the region, the courts will decide a safeguard charge that is reasonable and set it with the goal that safeguard is as of now pre-resolved to accelerate the procedure. Be that as it may, on the off chance that it is an all the more prominent wrongdoing, a safeguard hearing will be booked, and it can take longer before safeguard can be posted. As an American Citizen, it is your entitlement to post safeguard. This privilege can only be taken away if you represent a flight hazard to your case or you are a threat to your locale. You should contact a lawyer fast on the off chance that you feel that your rights have been disregarded at any minute.

What to do When You Get Home

You may have thought getting the bond was the crucial step, yet what you do when you return home can have a significant effect in the result of your case. Safeguard gives you the chance to return home to your family, go back to work, or get your undertakings all together in the possibility that there is a conviction. These are all respectable options however your first action should be to obtain legal representation. You are not going to want to take any easy routes with regards to your case. We will do all that we can to guarantee you get the assets you require. Remember, that you will be solicited to pursue a specific set of stipulations with a specific end goal to stay out on safeguard.

Why Riverside Bail Bonds?

The most vital advance in the safeguard procedure is to discover a safeguard specialist. This can be a difficult task as you need to be sure that you are getting administration from a dependable and experienced organization. Luckily, you have gone to the perfect place, as Riverside Bail Bonds has been for quite some time built up as a standout amongst the most experienced offices in all of Southern California. Our specialists have been prepared to manage each sort of circumstance you could be confronting, regardless of how remarkable. In like manner, we work with the most extreme protection to guarantee that you feel secure and sure about your circumstance. We will never unveil your private information without your authorization and only for the expectations of bettering the result of your conditions. Each move we make will be sifted through you first, to guarantee you are playing a functioning job in the decision making processes for your case.

Safeguard is an industry that is progressively inadequate with regards to the sympathy that it requires to work. We see the colossal absence of empathy in our field and endeavor to end this disaster. Our business is family owned and operates with the most extreme sympathy directed to every one of our customers. Arrests are frequently the most regrettable instances in a person's life and we treat these cases with understanding and lack of judgement. We likewise do all that we can to be accessible in this emergency by remaining open 24 hours every day. There will never be a period that you can call, and we won't be there. Our operators work all day and all night to give you the best consideration you merit. We will likely make your activity less demanding through and through. Enable us to do the overwhelming tasks while you focus on the importance of creating a defense.

We have thoroughly explained all that is needed of you during this stressing time, and now it is time to take action. You can call us around the clock at 951-788-2663 or at our Orange County Bail Bonds line at 951-531-3934 for all that you require, safeguard related. We ask you to get the assistance you require at the present time and not waste another minute while your loved one is behind bars. Give us a chance to secure the best opportunity and result of your case.

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