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Being arrested can call for drastic measures. Most people don't have extra money laying around to put towards securing a bail bond agreement. You need to hire a bail bonds agent who understands your frustration and wants to help you find the best possible solution to a difficult problem. Call Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds today at 951-788-2663 to talk to one of our licensed and insured, bail bonds agents.

When to Call a Bail Bonds Agent

It's important to call a bail bonds agent, as soon as you hear of the arrest. Even if you don't know the bail bond amount, you need to get the process started as soon as possible. By providing the bail bonds agent with the defendant's vital information such as full name, DOB, address, place of employment and where they are located, they will be able to contact the jail and get the rest of the information needed to complete the application. The goal of the bail bonds agent is to get the bail bonds process started as soon as possible so the defendant can be released and returned home as expeditiously as possible.

The Bail Bonds Process

As soon as the bail bonds agent has all of the necessary information to fill out the application and get it approved, the next step is securing the bond through the usual 10% premium. The 10% premium is non-negotiable, non-refundable and state mandated. It cannot be changed. The premium can be paid with a check, money order, cash, credit/debit card or property that has substantial value such as a house, car or boat.

The next step is posting the bond and getting the release process started. After a person has been arrested, they are taken to the jail, fingerprinted, photographed, properly identified, background checked, and formally charged with a crime. The booking and intake process can take anywhere from two to six hours, depending on how busy the jail is. As soon as the bail bonds agent posts the defendant's bond, the release process can begin.

The process does not end with the release of the defendant. Just because the defendant has been released from jail, it doesn't mean the situation has been resolved. Now it is up to the defendant to uphold their end of the agreement. In order for the defendant to post bond, the defendant must agree to appear at all scheduled court hearings and remain in compliance with all of the court's stipulations while they are obligated by the bail bond. If they do not appear in court or do not comply with the court's request, their bond can be forfeited or revoked, landing them back in jail and the co-signer possibly owing the total amount of the bond.

Why Call Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds

Why should you call Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds in Murrieta, California? The first reason is because the have the knowledge and experience to help you get through a difficult situation. They understand the nuances of the bail bonds process and will make sure your rights, as well as those of the defendant, are protected. Our agents are available every day, all day. They work nights, weekends and holidays so you can rest easy. When you call our office, one of our agents will start the process while you are still on the phone. We can secure the premium with the use of a credit/debit card and be on the way to the jail in less than an hour.

When looking for a reliable bail bonds agent, the key is finding one that has a reputation that is beyond reproach. Talk to your friends and family members, anyone who you know has had to use a bail bonds agency in the past. In many cases, their reputation will speak for itself, either through the public grapevine or through their membership in recognized bail bonds organizations.

If you have questions about bail bonds or a loved one has found themselves in a jam, turn to the trusted agents of Rocco Edivan Bail Bond. In Murrieta, California, call our offices at 951-788-2663 today! Talking to one of our reputable agents will give you the information you need when it comes to any bail bonds question. We have the knowledge and the expertise to help you find a positive solution to a difficult problem.

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