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If you find yourself or a loved one facing an arrest, the first thing to do is call a bail bonds agent. The application process is relatively simple and only takes approximately 30 minutes of your time. After the bond has been secured, and your loved one has been brought home, you need to go over the requirements of your bond agreements and make sure you have the information you need to make sure you remain in compliance at all times. If not, your bond could be revoked or forfeited. The gents at Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds will help you understand these requirements and make sure you have all of the information you need. Call 951-788-2663 if you have any questions or concerns.

Don't Forget Your Court Date!

One of the most important stipulations when it comes to posting bond is that you MUST appear in court at your scheduled date and time. While there are normally other requirements, appearing in court should be your most important priority. Other stipulations can include, but are not limited to:

  • remain within the jurisdiction of the court
  • not receiving any more charges
  • remain drug and alcohol-free
  • submit to random drug tests
  • abide by any PPOs or other types of restraining orders

Attending your court hearings indicates you are willing to take responsibility for your actions. If you leave the jurisdiction of the court or try to jump bail, a warrant will be issued for your arrest and your bond will be revoked and eventually forfeited.

Forfeiture Vs Revocation

Your bond can be revoked by either the court or your co-signer. If your co-signer no longer wants to be responsible for the total amount of your bond, they can ask the court to revoke it. This means they will be released from the obligation and you will go back to jail.

A forfeiture occurs when you do not fulfill the obligations of your bond. If you fail to appear and you cannot be found or put back in jail during the required amount of time, the judge will forfeit your bond and your co-signer will be responsible for the full amount, due and owing at that time. If you turn yourself in and prove to the judge that missing court was an accident, your bond may be reinstated.

What If I Miss Court On Accident?

Accidents happen. If you realize you have missed your court date, the first thing you need to do is call the courts and explain the situation. Then you must call your bail bonds agent and let them know what happened. It's important that everyone be on the same page at this time to prevent further mix-ups or confusion. If you have trouble remembering when your court date is, stay in contact with your bail bond agent. They will keep you up to date and will help you remember.

Releasing Your Bond

Once your case has run its course, either through an acquittal or sentencing, your bond will be released and your co-signer will receive any money that is left over after the premium, court costs and restitution have been paid. Once your bond has been released, your financial obligation to the case has been satisfied. It's important to remember that your bond is not associated with civil actions or the cost of probation. Those are paid separately and are not connected with your bond.

An arrest can be a trying experience. No one wants to be put in a position where they must rely on a bail bonds agent, but that is our job. At Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds, we understand your frustration and want you to understand the bail bonds process. We have the answers to all of your questions and will make sure you fully understand everything that is going on with your case. Our agents are available 24/7/365. Call 951-788-2663 to speak to an agent whenever you have questions, concerns, or worries about what is happening with your case. Our agents are there to make sure you have the information you need concerning your charges, your court dates, and the requirements of the court. Call us today so we can help you get through this difficult time! Our agents are here to make sure it all goes as smoothly as possible!

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