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After an arrest in Barstow, you will be formally charged and given a bail amount that will need to be posted before you can be released. There are two ways that bail can be set. The first way is through the use of a prep-determined bond schedule that establishes bail for non-violent, misdemeanor offenses. The other way to bail is assigned is through an arraignment hearing in which you appear in front of the judge and he sets your bail according to the circumstances of your case. The agents of Riverside Bail Bonds can answer all of your questions. Call their office at 951-788-2663, any time of the night or day.

What You Need to Know

After an arrest has taken place, your loved one will be taken to the nearest available jail for booking and processing. The booking process is relatively fast, but it must be completed before the bail can be posted. However, do not let this deter you from calling a bail bonds agency immediately. We can begin gathering information on your case before the bail is even posted.

If the defendant has been charged with an offense that is non-violent in nature and didn't result in bodily injury to another person or significant property damage, bail will be set according to the bond schedule that has been created and approved of by local judges. If the offense in question involved violence, significant property damage or any type of felony charge, the defendant will be held for an arraignment hearing. During an arraignment hearing, the defendant will appear in before the judge and bail will be set according to the judge's ruling. If the judge believes that the defendant is a possible flight risk or that they are a danger to themselves or others, bail can be denied. Bail will also be denied if the crime is extremely violent or involved a homicide. If bail is denied and neither of these circumstances are being met, it is possible that your rights are being violated. Every American Citizen has a right to bail unless they are a danger to the community. If you feel your rights have been violated, you should contact an attorney immediately.

Going to Court in Barstow

If you've posted bond in Barstow, California and are waiting to appear in court, your scheduled court appearance will be at the Barstow District courthouse in San Bernardino County. The courthouse is located at 235 East Mountain View Street in downtown Barstow. If for any reason, you aren't sure if you can make it to court or if there are extenuating circumstances preventing you from being there on time, it's imperative that you call the courthouse and let the clerk know as soon as possible. The phone number for the courthouse is 760-718-3700. It's also imperative that you report any changes to your personal information while you're out on bond. This includes changing jobs, moving to a new address or getting a new phone number.

How Do I Pay for Bail?

Bail can be anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 dollars, depending on what the crime is and the record of the defendant. This can be financial devastation to a family that is unexpectant of such a short notice fee. That is where bonds can be a very affordable solution to any financial stressed. Riverside Bail Bonds is experienced and licensed to handle any kind of bond you could need. Before we tell you everything you need to know about a bail bond, which is the most widely recommended option, we will quickly explain the alternatives that may not be as effective. We want to make sure that you make a well-informed decision, as it will greatly affect your loved one’s case. We offer many payment options to ensure that bail bonds are affordable to everyone who needs them.

For some fortunate people, a bail fee is not even required. If you find yourself facing your first misdemeanor crime with an upstanding relationship with the people in your community, you have a good chance at being let off on your own recognizance (OR). If a judge determines that you are not a flight risk and you pose no danger to society, they will let you our on OR and you will not be required to pay any bail fees. As nice as this sounds, it does not happen too often. In some form or another, you are typically required to pay some type of bail fee.

If you are facing a bail fee, your first instinct may be to pay the entire bail in cash. As we previously mentioned, bail can be exceedingly expensive and that is simply not always an option for most people. However, if you are financially able, there are still a few downsides to paying a cash bond. First, it is not economically advantageous. Even when you can afford it, it is always better to put your efforts towards building a strong case for your loved one’s defense. Likewise, it can take up to six months before the cash will be returned to you after the bail is disputed and resolved. In today’s economy, we cannot expect anyone to fork out this kind of money in such short notice.

Before we explain the bail bond, we will offer one last alternative option, and that option is the property bond. Property bonds are secured with collateral and are typically only utilized in immigration cases because they require the defendant to remain in The United States while handling their legal responsibilities. A few common items that are typically used to secure a property bond are jewelry, cars, boats, houses, and land. It is important to know that the property must exceed one and a half times the value of bail. This overage fee is necessary to compensate for any additional expenses that come with securing property. Riverside Bail Bonds does not recommend a property bond unless required by the court for many reasons. Property bonds cannot be passed on to another person, so if for any reason the co-signer decides they do not want to be held liable for the bond, they will have to return the defendant to custody, file for release of liability, and pay the 10% premium if they have not already. This process is lengthy and inconvenient for all parties involved. Likewise, a property bond takes long in general just to secure in the first place. Finding property that qualifies can be a struggle and once it is found, there is an overwhelming amount of paperwork that must be filed before the defendant can be released. This lengthy process often defeats the purpose of a fast, efficient, and affordable bond. Therefore, whenever it is possible, we recommend a surety bond.

What Exactly is a Surety Bond?

A surety bond is your best bet at getting your loved one home at an affordable and efficient rate. You may have heard of a surety bond by its more well-known name, the bail bond. A bail bond works by only having to pay a percentage of the bail to an agent who can then cover the rest of the fee to the jail. This percentage is nonrefundable and is how the agent makes their earning. When bail can range in the thousand-dollar range or more, this option is the most feasible to the average family. A bail bond allows the defendant to return home to their families and fight their case with all of their dignity and freedoms intact. Remember, as an American citizen, you are entitled to bail. No one can dismiss this right unless you are a flight risk or pose a danger to your community.

California law dictates that this premium fee you pay is set at a fixed rate as a measure to protect the defendant, co-signer, and bail agent from paying an unreasonable amount. This fee is set at exactly 10% and is not negotiable. There are a few situations where it can be lowered to 8% or raised to 15%, but unless mandated by law, you should never pay anything but 10%. If you feel your rights are being violated, you should contact an attorney immediately.

It is important to make sure that you are not taken advantage in relations to what you are required to pay. This means that you should be very cautious of hidden fees. Many agencies will pounce at the opportunity to overcharge you, but a trustworthy agency will fully notify you of all your agreements before they make you sign any contract. Riverside Bail Bonds has committed themselves to offering you the best service in Barstow. With that in mind, we will never charge you for any fees beyond your premium. We do this to ensure that bail remains affordable for everyone. We do not ever want to contribute to the hardship on a family.

We will quickly warn you of the most common hidden fees. One is known as an annual renewal fee. It is not uncommon for court cases to exceed a year’s time, especially with the overcrowded state of our justice system. It is a shame that our citizens are not guaranteed a fair and speedy trial, but it is even more unfair for bail agencies to impede further by charging their clients to renew their bond. This renewal fee can often amount to the same price as the initial fee, an expenditure that families are not prepared for. We will never engage in this cruel practice, nor we ever charge you for another common hidden fee, a cancellation charge. These charges come into play when the District Attorney is overwhelmed and fails to make formal charges against the defendant right away. This causes the bail to be cancelled and reinstated. Bail agencies will use this moment to double charge their clients, but again, we will never participate. This practice is wrong and should never be allowed in any contract you sign. We guarantee that we will make sure you understand all requirements of you before you are asked to sign a contract.

What Happens Next?

After the premium has been dealt with, we will send an agent to the facility where your loved one is being held. Your loved one will be released from custody within 3 to 12 hours, depending on the population of the jail. Your next actions are very crucial to securing a strong defense. This is a time for the defendant to return to work, support their families, and get their affairs in order in the case of a conviction. It is NOT a time to sit around and do nothing. Regardless of your personal choices, you should definitely contact an attorney immediately after being released if this has not been done yet. This is your time to use all of your resources and focus them towards developing a good case for your protection. We are more than willing to help along the way.

If you wish to remain out on bail for the duration of your case, you will be required to follow a few guidelines. The co-signer will be responsible for keeping all contact information up to date so that there is an open line of communication between the courts and the bail agency. As for the defendant, you will be required to remain within the jurisdiction of the court, avoid committing any additional crimes, attend ALL court dates, and comply with any restraining orders. If any of these stipulations are not met, the judge may issue a bench warrant and if the defendant is not returned to custody, the co-signer will be held accountable for the entire bail fee. The only way at this point to resolve liability is to have a letter written to the judge by the bail agency, agreeing to upkeep the bond if bail is reinstated. This resumption of liability costs hundreds of dollars by other companies, but Riverside Bail Bonds offers it free of charge in exchange for a loyal client. Our sole mission is to protect the co-signer and the defendant throughout this process.

Hiring a Reputable Bail Bonds Agent

If you learn that a loved one has been arrested and need to find out what's going on, the first call you should make is to a reputable bail bonds agency. Bail bonds agents work with both the courts and law enforcement officers on a regular basis. While it's important that you be able to provide basic information about the defendant, the bail bonds agent can call the courts to determine if bail has been set and how much it is.

If you live in the Barstow area, it's important that you hire a bail bonds agency who has both experience and knowledge when it comes to working within the California legal system. At Riverside Bail Bonds, our agents have years of training and are well aware of the laws pertaining to bail bonds. They know the rules and will do everything in their power to protect your rights at every turn. They will even go to court with you if that's what makes you feel the most comfortable. There are no hidden fees and the agent who works with you to complete the bail bonds application will go over the necessary fees, your rights and responsibilities, as well as those of the defendant. Once you sign on with Riverside Bail Bonds, your agent will work with you throughout the entire process. We operate 24 hours a day and are available at any time to service your needs. We will never disclose your privacy to anyone without your consent, including for our promotional gains. We are here to protect your rights as you navigate this stressful time. We will never add any undue stress to your situation and will do everything we can to mitigate it.

At Riverside Bail Bonds, each of our agents is licensed and bonded. They have the experience that comes with years of dealing with almost every type of case imaginable. Our goal is to make sure your rights are protected and that you understand every aspect of the bail bonds process. Our agents know that this is a stressful time for everyone involved. If you have questions about the legal process or how bail bonds work, we encourage you to call our office at 951-788-2663 today! If you are a type person, the prefers a face to face conversation we are happy to accommodate you as well. Feel free to visit us at our local Riverside location on 4277 Main Street. Whether by phone or by car, Riverside Bail Bonds will here for you. Don't take chances with your freedom, make the call today!

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