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Located in Northern Orange County, Garden Grove is a beautiful upper-middle class suburbia full of life and greenery. However, like all cities, Garden Grove also experience a lot of crime. People are not perfect and so long as they are not, there will continue to be hundreds of arrests in Garden Grove each year. However, it is not a time to panic if you are placed in this situation. Riverside Bail Bonds is long established as one of the best resources for bail bond needs in Southern California and they can be of service to you. When a loved one gets involved in arrest, it affects not only them, but their entire family and the litigation team that comes to their aid. It will force the family to take on financial and emotional burden for as long as the case moves forward. We do not want anyone to take on hardships without the proper resources and care. Our agents are skilled, fast, and efficient at dealing with any kind of bail bonds needs you could possibly have. They will alleviate the unnecessary stresses so that you can place your focus on what really counts. You can call us at any time of day and we will have an agent waiting to take your call at 951-788-2663. You are also more than welcome to visit us at our Riverside office on 4277 Main Street for a face to face conversation. We will be with you from start to finish. You can count on us to bare the weight of this jam you’re in. But first, we are going to break down everything you need to know.

Finding somebody to assist

Finding a business that you trust is crucial in making optimum conditions for winning your case. we have a tendency to comprehend that an arrest ought to be shared among the privacy of your family, and we submit all of our endeavors to making sure you always feel safe and taken care of. We will always go well on the far side to handle any of your problems during this season of battle. in spite of WHO you head to for a bondsman, there are a handful of benchmarks they must meet before you set your trust in them. you wish to find a corporation that's fast, productive, sympathetic, and personal. Riverside Bail Bonds is all of these things; but, we'll expand in additional detail with relevancy as to why you must place your trust in our agency.

We Respect Your Right to Privacy

Being placed in custody may be an embarrassing situation for all parties concerned. However, our agents perceive this to often be a great mistake in one’s life and thus, we will never shame you or criticize the mistakes you may have made. Our workplace operates with complete confidentiality and would never do anything to disclose your data without your complete permission. not like alternative agencies, we are not inquisitive about taking advantage of your personal state of affairs to market our business. we only wish to guard and serve you throughout this troublesome time, and we greatly appreciate your ability to place your trust in our establishment.

We work around the Clock

We have been operational throughout the Garden Grove area for many years. Our specialists are proficient at manipulating the court frameworks and utilizing each loophole which will get you out quicker and with less stress. In like manner, we make ourselves accessible twenty-four hours daily to ensure you'll be able to call and talk to a bail agent any time of the day and receive the most effective and attainable service. we have done our very best to make ourselves accessible to you. If you have got a bond necessity, give us a call and we can get immediately started on your bail.

We are Experienced

Riverside Bail Bonds only hires the most skilled agents in the region. They understand everything there is to know about every kind of bail bond and can happily navigate you through the process. We are a family owned and operated establishment and have trained or agents to address every situation with the utmost care and concern. Our agents take close care and attention to detail. We will not let you slip through the cracks. After the premium is paid, we will be with you from start to finish. Likewise, we will never charge you hidden fees. Our primary concern is to get you to a place where you can make informed decisions on your loved one’s case. We only operate with the defendant’s best interest in mind. We will power you through this.

What to Do Next

Bail is a perplexing method that can be very confusing to the normal individual, and it regularly requires a prepared professional to discover the elaborate conference of the court. Each bond operator has their personal precise method for acquiring early discharge for customers, then again, a respectable professional will clarify this method completely and have the capacity to answer any lingering inquiries. In like manner, they need to absolutely debrief you on all forms earlier than soliciting for your signature. Riverside Bail Bonds will make sure the higher section of your inquiries is answered prior to us presenting you with any choices. We will get you through this collectively and will by no means jump on any chance to make the most of your tormented circumstance. It is additionally essential to confirm that the enterprise you pick out does not cost hidden fees. We don't take phase in this unseemly conduct and hope that you do not have to deal with the stress that comes from these unwarranted fees. That is the reason Riverside Bail Bonds is satisfied to depict our technique and capacity to serve you with the most intense care!

How Do I Pay for Bail?

Bail can be anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 dollars, depending on what the crime is and the record of the defendant. This can be financial devastation to a family that is unexpectant of such a short notice fee. That is where bonds can be a very low-cost answer to any financial stressed. Riverside Bail Bonds is skilled and licensed to manage any type of bond you ought to need. Before we tell you the entirety you need to recognize about a bail bond, which is the most extensively encouraged option, we will quickly explain the options that may additionally not be as effective. We choose to make certain that you make a well-informed decision, as it will radically affect your cherished one’s case. We provide many fee options to make sure that bail bonds are less expensive to anybody who wants them.

For some fortunate people, a bail rate is not even required. If you locate yourself dealing with your first misdemeanor crime with an upstanding relationship with the residents in your community, you have a suitable chance at being let off on your personal recognizance (OR). If a judge determines that you are not a flight threat and you pose no threat to society, they will let you out on OR and you will no longer be required to pay any bail fees. As exceptional as this sounds, it does no longer occur too often. In some structure or another, you are generally required to pay some type of bail fee.

If you are going through a bail fee, your first instinct might also be to pay the complete bail in cash. As we beforehand mentioned, bail can be exceedingly costly and that is surely now not usually an alternative for most people. However, if you are financially able, there are nevertheless a few downsides to paying a cash bond. First, it is no longer economically advantageous. Even when you can manage to pay for it, it is far more advantageous to put your efforts in the direction of building a sturdy case for your loved one’s defense. Likewise, it can take up to six months before the cash will be back to you after the bail is disputed and resolved. In today’s economy, we cannot assume absolutely everyone to fork out this form of money in such short notice.

Before we give an explanation for the bail bond, we will provide one last choice option, and that option is the property bond. Property bonds are secured with collateral and are usually solely utilized in immigration cases due to the fact they require the defendant to remain in The United States while dealing with their criminal responsibilities. A few frequent objects that are typically used to secure a property bond are jewelry, cars, boats, houses, and land. It is vital to know that the property has to exceed one and a half times the fee of bail. This overage rate is quintessential to compensate for any additional costs that come with securing property. Riverside Bail Bonds does not suggest a property bond until required by the court for many reasons. Property bonds cannot be passed on to another co-signing person, so if for any cause the co-signer decides they do no longer favor to be held dependable for the bond, they will have to return the defendant to custody, file for release of liability, and pay the 10% premium if they have not already. This manner is prolonged and inconvenient for all events involved. Likewise, a property bond takes far longer than  usual to secure in the first place. Finding property that qualifies can be a struggle and once it is found, there is an overwhelming amount of forms that must be filed before the defendant can be released. This prolonged process frequently defeats the motive of a fast, efficient, and low-cost bond. Therefore, every time it is possible, we recommend a surety bond.

A surety bond, regularly referred to as a bail bond, is a contract that you sign with a bail agent, enabling you to solely pay a small portion of the bail fee. This top rate fee is paid to an agent who then fronts the entire bail rate and helps you thru the method of getting your loved one discharged. This fixed fee is nonrefundable or negotiable as a measure for the bail agent to earn a living. However, it is a small charge to pay for the comfort of one’s home during the arrest bail, and trial process. In California, this bail rate is fixed at a flat fee of ten percent to ensure that all parties concerned are paying/receiving a truthful charge in exchange for their services. Riverside Bail Bonds will graciously accept this fee in cash, check, credit, debit, cash order, cashier check, or property. We provide many options so that it does not have to be a burden to pay off. Likewise, our agents are nicely known in the Garden Grove region for being the fastest, most skilled, compassionate people. They will get you through all the steps imperative to make certain your loved one is cared for and they will do it while preserving your freedoms and dignity. You will fail to discover a more adequate provider in the area.

Fulfilling Your Obligations

The right to post bail is entitled to all citizens of The United States under the 8th amendment of the constitution. However, there are situations in which this right can be taken away. One of these means is by failing to comply with the rules of the courts. Some of these regulations include not being a flight risk, not posing a further danger to the community, attending all court dates, remaining within the jurisdiction of the court, following all restraining orders, and keeping all contact information up to date. If for any reason these rules are violated, the defendant will be returned to custody or the co-signer will be held fully responsible for the costs of the bond. Once the defendant fails to show up or fulfill his or her obligations to the court, it may be difficult for them to reap a bail bond in the future. Riverside Bail Bonds will gladly work with both the co-signer and the defendant to ensure they are protected throughout this process. This section of the procedure can take somewhere from 60 to 90 days, depending on how the bond was once secured. Bail is a great time for the defendant to return to their families and the responsibilities that coincide. It is also a great opportunity to get one’s affairs in order, if God forbid a conviction takes place. Your first step after being released should be to contact a lawyer and proper litigation team to create a strong defense for your case. Now is not to relax as every situation you make can greatly affect the outcome of your case. There is no need to worry but you must act fast.  Our aim as an expert bail bonds employer is to remain with the defendant throughout the whole process. From the first telephone call to the ultimate release from the court, we will be there to help navigate them through the process.

Give Us a Call Today

Garden Grove is a fantastic city full of even more fantastic people. We get that people make mistakes, but we want to be there to help you out. Riverside Bail Bonds sees a great need for compassion in the industry of criminal justice. Our agents will be understanding, discreet, and diligent in giving you the aid you need. We will be there for you throughout this process and we will thoroughly explain to you everything you will be held responsible for. We will ensure that both the defendant and the co-signer are protected throughout the bail process, so long as they agree to comply with all restrictions set in place by the court. Remember, there is only a short window to take the proper actions to get your loved one the help they need. Do not spare another minute. Our agents understand the inner workings of the courts and know exactly what tools to employ to speed along the bail process. If you need a bail bond, your first call should be to Riverside Bail Bonds at 951-788-2663. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long to take your call. You are also more than welcome to come drive by our riverside office at 4277 Main Street for a up close and personal conversation. Do not wait for matters to become worse. Call us today and get the help you need.

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