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No one schedules their own arrest. Likewise, no one can plan ahead of time for the expensive costs necessary to get a loved one out of jail. Riverside Bail Bonds understands the financial and emotional hardship that an arrest can have on a family and is here to help you every step of the way. If you live in Norco and you or a loved one is arrested, look no further. Call Riverside Bail Bonds at 951-788-2663 so that we can begin the process of getting them home with their family. Bail can be a complex process, but our skilled agents will help you to make this process simple and affordable.

Choosing the Right Bail Bonds Agency

Before choosing an agent, it is crucial that you know and understand your rights. As a U.S. citizen, you are given the right to post a bond in return for bail. The only cases in which this right is withheld are those concerning violence or a flight risk. Given you follow all protocol, such as court attendance and updated contact information, your bail will not be forfeited, and you will remain in the security of your own home while you build a defense for your case.

You want to make sure you choose a bail bonds company that is fast, efficient, and reliable. Riverside Bail Bonds can assure you that we will meet those three requirements and go beyond that with the best customer care in the Norco area. As soon as you make the one-time payment, we will begin filling out the application to get the defendant out of jail. If securing the bond is a financial burden, we are more that reasonable when it comes to in-house financing and alternative payment plans. A bail bond allows you to avoid paying for the bond in full upfront. Instead, you are only paying 10%, as mandated by the state, to an agent who then puts up the full bond, so you can be released to build the best argument for your case from home. We will determine exactly what type of bond you need and go from there to select the best payment plan for your situation. We will take cash, credit/debit, money orders, and cashier’s checks. We can also handle the processing for a property bond which is often issued in immigration cases.

The right Riverside bail bonds company has experience working with the court systems and understands how they operate with local law enforcement. When you don’t know all the answers concerning your case, we can contact the courts to fill in the blanks and answer your burning questions. This allows for a far quicker and smoother process. We are also capable of posting bail for those who are out on an existing warrant, so no time is spent in jail at all. Our agents are knowledgeable on the Norco courts and know all the tricks and tendencies to ensure a quick bail out.

Understanding the Process

Immediately after an arrest, the defendant will be taken to the closest available jail to be booked. The bail agent can post a bond as soon as the bail amount is placed, and the release process can begin. This booking and processing can amount to anywhere from three to twelve hours depending on the case, but we are committed to making it as fast as possible. From there, it is the defendant’s responsibility to follow any and all protocol designated by the court to remain on bail; such as upkeeping a restraining order, consistent attendance in the court, and remaining in the area. It is important to remember that if the defendant flees bail, the co-signer will be held responsible for the full costs of the bond.

The purpose of obtaining an early release is to allow the defendant to defend their case from the convenience of their own home. Jail is a stressful environment that limits the availability to the resources bail agents encourage their defendants to find. It is highly recommended that you access an attorney and build the best possible defense for your case. This is also a time that enables defendants to continue supporting their families and to get their affairs in order in the case of a guilty conviction. Any money remaining after the premium is paid will be given to the co-signer. However, if the defendant fails to attend court and the bond is forfeited, the co-signer will be held fully responsible for the bond. Thus, it is critical that the defendant follows all stipulations. We are happy to assist attendance to court, amongst other necessities.

Obtaining a surety bond (bail bond) is typically the best option if your hopes are to prepare a solid defense for your case and to be at an optimized mental and physical state leading to your trial. Jail can not only be dangerous, but unpleasant, especially when those who are merely accused are placed in the same cell of an already convicted felon. No one deserves to spend their precious time in such a situation, when they could be fighting for their innocence.

There are a few alternative options that may be more applicable to you than obtaining a bail bond. We will review all the facts of your case to confirm what kind of bond would be the right fit. In some cases, you can avoid a bond in general by getting out on “Own Recognizance.” This occurs most often when you or a loved one is charged with a misdemeanor and has no previous criminal record. However, this situation is very rare and often requires that you are well known in the community.

Likewise, another option beyond a bail bond is to pay in cash. You would be required to pay the full bond upfront, but for the average person, this is simply not feasible. Your bond can be thousands of dollars, and to come up with that kind of money in such a short notice is nearly impossible. Bail is purposely set high to discourage defendants from escaping charges via fleeing.

A final example of a means of avoiding a bail bond is to pay in the form of a property bond. Property can qualify as a car, jewelry, or real estate, amongst other things, and must be worth 150% of the value of the bond. Should the defendant not show up for court, you would be risking ownership of the property itself.  Property bonds are typically utilized in cases regarding immigration because they require defendants to remain in the country to handle their legal responsibilities. It is important to know that the process of securing a property bond is a lengthier method for getting your loved one released on bail, as it requires far more paperwork to be completed before a release is made. It is not recommended for those who are looking for a fast and simple release. The easiest way to get your loved one home is through a bail bond, and we offer many in-house payment options to lighten the financial hardship on your family.

It is crucial to your bond agreement that you consistently check-in with your bai bonds agent. There are many ways you can do so but the easiest way is to either call the office or show up in person. We are located in the neighboring city of Riverside and are open 24 hours a day to ensure that we are available day or night, holidays and weekends to come to your time in need. We ask that you check in so that we know you are willing to comply with the court’s protocol and to ensure that you are still within the area and have not fled your bond. It is often also necessary in some cases that you check in with a probation officer or other court representative. Lucky for you, we are one drive or phone call away, located at 4277 Main street in Riverside, Ca.

What Makes Us Different from the Rest? There Will Be NO Hidden Fees!

There are plenty of opportunities for other bail bonds companies to maximize their profits through hidden fees and expenditures, but we assure you that we will ask you for a one-time fee upfront and will never charge you additional hidden fees! It is common for the district attorney’s office to delay placing formal charges on file against you in cases where there is simply not enough collected evidence or lack of time availability to do so. When this happens, your bail bond can be canceled. It is not unusual for bail bonds companies to take advantage of this situation to charge their clients for an additional bail bond to keep them out of jail, but Riverside Bail Bonds promises to never engage in such cruel behavior. You are only responsible for what you pay upfront. Another opportunistic means for companies to indulge upon are annual premiums. This shows up in a contract as an annual renewal clause, which basically means that if your case continues for more than a full year, the co-signer must pay the 10% premium to renew the bond for the new year. This can ultimately cost clients tens of thousands of dollars for each year the case is extended. Riverside Bail Bonds recognizes that cases can take a while to process, and that this time frame is not in the hands of their clients. Thus, we choose to only charge you the one-time fee, regardless of how long the case extends. Another bonus of choosing Riverside Bail Bonds, is that we write “Resumption of Liability” motions free of charge. These are necessary in cases where a judge forfeits the bond, usually because of a missed court date. This letter is needed to notify the court that the bail bonds agency is still willing to honor the bond, in hopes of getting the bail reinstated by the court. By writing this letter for free, you are avoiding the charge of other companies that can be hundreds of dollars or more.

You Will NOT Find Better Customer Service with Any Other Agency.

Riverside Bail Bonds has been in the business for decades and we have extensive experience dealing with bonds in every kind of case you could be faced with. Regardless of the complexity of your situation, we are confident that we can simplify the process and get the job done faster than anyone in the area. We only hire agents that display the highest level of compassion and efficacy in all aspects of their work. Likewise, we are beyond familiar with the Norco court systems, enabling us to minimize the time you or a loved one spends in jail.

We operate 24 hours a day to make our skilled agents available to you whenever you are in need. We will even go the extra mile to attend court dates with you and help you to follow every protocol concerning your case. We will not charge you for any additional services beyond the initial premium fee. We are here to serve you from the start to the end of your case. We want to make this experience as stress-free as we can. We understand this is not a comfortable situation for anyone, so we do our best to treat you like our own family.

Our bail bonds company is widely known for our great customer service. We bring a personal touch to a field that desperately needs it. We can assure you that this process will be smooth and fast if you choose Riverside Bail Bonds. We have the experience to properly confront the most complicated of cases with care, strength, and speed.

We Respect Your Privacy

We understand that this is a delicate time for you and your family and we do not want to exploit your trust in any way. That is why we promise to offer 100% confidentiality in every situation. All information and interactions between us are kept completely private. We value that you have decided to put your trust in us, and we will do our best to create an open line of communication so that all of your questions are thoroughly answered. We are dedicated to making sure that every step along the process is fully transparent and understood by the defendant and the co-signer. We simply ask that you are transparent with us as well by keeping all information regarding the case and contacts updated to the best of your abilities.

Riverside Bail Bonds is Here to Help!

Riverside Bail Bonds hires only the best agents in their field. We look for people exhibiting expertise and compassion in every situation so that you are helped with every need. If you live in the Norco area, you are in the best of hands because we will go to lengths to assist you with every bail bond need. We understand the frustration and hardship involved in an arrest and want to lessen that burden in any way we can. We have thoroughly learned the process so that you do not have to! Simply place your trust in our agents and we will not let you down. Our company is licensed and insured to cover the finances involved in even the highest profile of cases. Furthermore, we are open 24 hours a day to meet you at any time, day or night, weekend of holiday in your time of need. We have agents located all over to travel to you and walk you through the process. Call 951-788-2663 so that we can get your loved one back home safe and sound. You will not regret this decision. We are fully mobile and have been serving the Norco area for many years now! Let us give you back your freedom.

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