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Being arrested is a stressful experience but do not make it more difficult than it needs to be. Although it may seem best to secure legal representation upon being arrested, the first step to take should be obtaining release so that the best possible defense attorney can be properly sought out. Luckily, if you live in the Lake Elsinore region, Riverside Bail Bonds is the best in the business and operates locally to ensure you or a loved one can be returned home to take care of your legal responsibilities.

Do not look any further. Riverside Bail Bonds takes great pride in the speed, compassion, and efficiency of their bail bonds agents who work to serve you in your time of need. Give us a call at 951-788-2663 and we will begin the applications immediately to restore your freedom and peace of mind. We can make sure that your freedom is protected as you fight your case from the convenience of your home.

What You Should Do If You Are Arrested in Lake Elsinore

Lake Elsinore is a well-known Southern California resort town with the motto “Dream Extreme” however this dream can quickly become a nightmare when faced with an arrest. After being arrested, the defendant will be taken to the closest available jail in the area, which is oftentimes Southwest Detention Center. In cases where this facility is overbooked, defendants would be taken to the second closest available facility which is typically Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility or another various jail. Riverside Bail Bonds is familiar with the area and has built a long-lasting relationship with the Elsinore court and jail systems, so we can fill in the information you are missing and answer your burning questions regarding the case. We will work with the courts to make this process smooth and fast.

Regardless of which facility the defendant is taken to, he or she will begin the booking process upon arrival. This can be as fast as thirty minutes or as long as several hours, depending on the population of the jail at that time. The bail process cannot begin until booking is complete and the bail has been posted. At this point, the bail bonds agency can receive information on the case and start the process of obtaining an early release. We assure you that we will do everything in our power to speed up this process where possible, so long as you maintain updated contact and case information.

How Do I Obtain a Bail Bond?

Before explaining the process of obtaining a bail bond, it is important for you to know that there are alternative options that may be applicable to your situation. However, if you are looking for a quick and painless release, a bail bond is typically your best option. Riverside Bail Bonds will walk you through the process so that nothing is left a mystery throughout the procedure. Anything is better than spending the full duration of the trial in jail. It is very difficult at that point for you to prepare a strong defense and to be at your optimal emotional and physical capacity. It can be a dangerous and disturbing experience to be placed in the same cell as a convicted felon while you are presumably held innocent until your trial is complete. It is highly recommended that you resume your daily responsibilities at home while creating a good case, especially when Riverside Bail Bonds makes securing a bail bond fast and affordable.

On rare occasions, defendants can be released without having to pay a bail fee. This process is known as “Release on own recognizance” (O.R.). These cases typically involve a misdemeanor charge with no previous record. Likewise, these defendants are known to have a good reputation amongst the community, but these circumstances are hard to come by. In most cases, even when posted at a very low amount, there is some sort of bail fee involved.

For some people, it may be possible to post bail in cash, completely upfront This option is not recommended or necessarily feasible for most, given that bail is purposely set at a high amount to discourage defendants from fleeing their court appearances. Bail can cost anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. Even when it is possible to pay upfront, we encourage you to find a bail bonds agent which can be far more affordable and simplified. The bail agent will fill all of the paper work out for you, and here at Riverside Bail Bonds, we know all of the tendencies and behaviors of the court which can be utilized in speeding up the process.

If a bail bond is simply not possible, a last resort can be a property bond. Property can qualify as jewelry, a vehicle, realty, amongst other items, and it must double the value of the full bail to ensure that it will be covered including the additional fees in processing a property bond. This option is not recommended as it takes the longest to obtain a release while all the paperwork involved in a property bond is left to be filled out and verified. The purpose of a bail bond is to be fast, so this option often defeats the purpose. Property Bonds are typically issued in cases regarding immigration due to it enforcing that the defendant remain in the United States while handling legal responsibilities.

Now to securing a bail bond, or formally known as surety bond. With a bail bond, you are only required to pay a percentage of the entire bond to an agent who will then put the full amount up for you. This allows the defendant to be released while avoiding the financial burden of a full bail amount. In California, this premium percentage is locked in at exactly 10% of the posted bail. There is one exception where this fee can be set at 8% when the client is referred to an agent by their attorney. Regardless of paying either 10% or 8%, this is still far better than paying the full 100% on such late notice. On top of that, Riverside Bail Bonds offers many in-house financing options to those who are financially burdened.

A common practice of bail bonds companies is to issue hidden fees that the client Is unaware of and made liable for without any warning. One of these fees is for a “Resumption of Liability Letter.” When a client flees their bail and the bail is forfeited by the judge, the only way for a co-signer to avoid being held fully responsible for the bail is by returning the defendant to jail and submitting a letter from the bail bonds agency to the court that reads that the bail agency is still willing to cover the bail, so bail may be reinstated. This letter is often an additional charge by bail agencies who wish to indulge upon the inconveniences of their client. Riverside Bail Bonds does not participate in this cruel behavior and is happy to write the letter, free of charge. We want to put our client’s best interests first and hope to make this situation easier for both the defendant and the co-signer. Likewise, there are situations where the district attorney’s office fails to place a formal charge on the defendant, causing a bail bond to be canceled. In this situation, a new bail bond must be secured, and bail agencies will often charge the premium fee for a new bond. At Riverside Bail Bonds, we will not charge you beyond the initial premium. We will be with you for the duration of your case. Likewise, we understand that some cases can extend beyond a year and thus we will never require you to pay an annual fee. We keep all charges to your knowledge and do not charge any hidden fees. You will not find this courtesy with any other agency.

Keep in mind, a bail bond will only remain in place if all protocol set by the court is upheld by both the defendant and the co-signer. These stipulations may include; consistent court attendance, remaining within the vicinity of the area, following any restraining orders, and remaining out of trouble of the law. If any of these standards are not met, the judge can begin the process of forfeiting the bond. In this case, the defendant will have approximately 30 days to be returned to jail or the co-signer will be held fully responsible for the bail. We are more than willing to facilitate getting defendants to their court dates. We want to help the co-signer avoid any additional hardships. So long as the co-signer keeps all contact information up to date and remains open to discussion with the bail agency and the court system.

What You Should Know About Us!

Riverside Bail Bonds is licensed and insured with all of the necessary credentials to serve you and all of your bail bond needs. We only hire agents with experience dealing with bonds in your area and are fully confident that we can get you through this process at the fastest and most affordable rate. We have had experience in the bail bonds industry for over 17 years and are fully committed to our clients. Let us further explain why you should entrust us with getting you or your loved one home today.

We Respect Your Privacy

Riverside Bail Bonds understands that an arrest can often be a demoralizing and embarrassing experience. However, we promise to treat you like we would our own family with complete dignity, respect, and privacy. That is why we operate with 100% confidentiality between our agents and our clients. We will not use your information beyond the means of getting your loved one released.

We work Diligently

Riverside Bail Bonds has been working in the Lake Elsinore area for many years and can be trusted to get the job done with time to spare. Our agents are experts at maneuvering the court systems and employing all the tricks necessary to speed up the release process. Likewise, we are available 24 hours a day to ensure you can call us any time of day, morning or night, weekends and holidays, and get the help that you need. We have done everything in our power to make us available to you. Now all you have to do is give us a call, so we can begin the application to get you or your loved one out of jail.

We can Handle Every Kind of Bond you Might Need

One of the most common types of cases we see in the Lake Elsinore area are those concerning domestic violence. Anytime a house is previously flagged for domestic violence and a police officer is scene, it will most likely result in an arrest. Furthermore, It is also important to know that domestic violence does not always mean direct physical contact. It can additionally be any behavior with the purpose of asserting control over another person that could potentially harm another person. For instance, if a police officer is sent to a home, already flagged, for a loud argument, it is likely that an arrest can be made, even if it does not lead to a conviction. It is completely to the discretion of the officer. This became a common practice after the O.J. Simpson case, to ensure that steps are made to protect an individual before the violence actually occurs. Police Officers can actually be charged with a misdemeanor when they fail to act on a threat even when it is minimal. This is to make sure everyone in the home is safe and protected. The bail will be set higher based on the severity of the account. For instance, where as a misdemeanor may have a $5,000 bail fee, a felony can cost as must as $50,000. Domestic Violence hinders the lives of the victim and the perpetrator in many ways, so it is best to seek help before the violence occurs. However, if you or a loved one is facing a domestic violence charge, Riverside Bail Bonds is highly experienced in this area and can help you to make it through the process with your dignity and financial security maintained.

We Have the Best Customer Service in Riverside

Not only are our agents available every hour of the day, but they are thoroughly trained to exhibit compassion and focus to every detail regarding your case. We are highly recommended for showing the utmost care and respect for all of our clients. We are more than happy to help you arrive to and from court appearances and will assist you in every concern about your situation. Bail can be a complex process, but we do not expect you to know all of the answers. We will navigate the process and make it simple for you to access all of the resources necessary for a fast and painless release.

Contact Our Riverside Bail Bonds Company Today!

No one is ready for an arrest. It can be a financial, physical, and emotional stress on everyone involved. That is why Riverside Bail Bonds works extra hard to ensure that this process does the least amount of damage in our power. Our agents are available around the clock to accept your call. We understand that this is a hard time for you and your family and we want to be there for you from start to finish. You can call us at 951-788-2663  so we can begin the bail process immediately. We are located locally in Riverside so that we can make every resource available to your disposal. Do not wait to build a strong case. Let us help you make it home so you can fight this with all your deserved freedoms.

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