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La Palma is a beautiful city in Orange County, with an interesting history of being one of the first dairy cities in California. Although La Palma is a very unique place, compared to the rest of Orange County, it is similar in that it faces much of the same issues that are rising in today’s society. One of these issues is a rising crime rate. For most people, arrests are unexpected and can wreak havoc on a defendant, their families, and closest friends. An arrest can cost thousands of dollars in legal paperwork, not to mention the emotional stress that can take a toll on everyone involved. That last thing anyone wants is to be placed in this position. Fortunately, there are great options available to families of all economic background to help alleviate these burdens. If you find that you or a loved one has been placed into custody for a criminal charge of any degree, your first call should be to a reputable bail agency to manage all of the intricate details regarding your case. A bail agent will walk you through your options and aid you in obtaining bail for yourself or loved one, enabling you to fight your case from the comforts of your home. If you are looking for a fast, efficient, passionate bail agency, look no further. Riverside Bail Bonds Bail Bonds has long been established in the area as one of the most experienced bail agencies in all of Orange County and Southern California. You can give us a call at 951-788-2663 and we will have a long time experienced agent to start the process of your bond. No one should have to face the complexities of an arrest on their own. We will break down the process and have you or your loved one home in no time.

How Does it Work?

If you live in La Palma, you will be taken to the closest available jail facility, upon your arrest. From there you will begin the booking process. Although the booking process is relatively fast, it is necessary before bail can be established. The inmate will be assigned a criminal cell, as well as clothing, while their charges are made formal and they are taken into custody. After this has been completed, the bail process can begin. Bail can be implemented either by way of a schedule or a hearing. A bail schedule is a predetermined list of bail charges for various misdemeanors and a minimal amount of felonies. Judges predetermine these bail fees in order to speed along the bail process and minimize the amount of time spent in jail for minor crimes. However, if you are facing a more high-profile charge, you might be asked to wait until a bail hearing can be scheduled in order for your bail to be posted. At this time, the defendant will be waiting in custody. Regardless of how your bail is posted, you should immediately call a bail agency upon being made aware of an arrest to ensure that your bail agent can have an optimal amount of time to process all of the paperwork necessary for the discharge process. It is Riverside Bail Bonds goal to have you or your loved one released in the least amount of time possible.

Before we go on to explain your options in obtaining bail, we want to ensure first that you have been made aware of your rights. As an American citizen, protected under the 8th amendment of the Constitution, you are entitled to a fast and fair criminal trial. With that, it is included that you have a right to obtain bail. The only case in which your bail could be denied is if a judge determines that you are a danger to society or a flight risk. Beyond this small window in which bail could be denied, you are entitled to fair treatment. If you feel that your rights have been violated, you should contact litigation on your behalf immediately. Keep in mind that bail is intentionally set high to discourage defendants from fleeing their bail. Bail can often exert a fiscal hardship on the defendant’s family and friends. That is why a bail bond can be so beneficial. We will thoroughly explain your options in obtaining bail and help you to make a guided and informed decision. We want you to feel confident through every step of the way, and that includes making sure that no decision is made without your complete consent and knowledge.

In some cases, it may be possible for the defendant to avoid bail altogether. This is called being released on their own recognizance. If a judge believed the defendant is no danger to the community, and is only facing a misdemeanor charge, they can decide to issue release without a bail fee required. However, this is not a common occurrence. The purpose of a bail fee is to discourage the defendant from fleeing their responsibilities. Thus, there is almost always some form of a bail fee needed in order to issue bail. Your first instinct might be to pay the entire bail upfront in cash. However, we would also strongly recommend that the defendant avoid this measure of action. Paying in full, also known as paying with a cash bond, can be overwhelmingly expensive and unnecessary. Bail can cost anywhere from five to ten thousand dollars, or even more, and very few people have the means to come up with that kind of money on such short notice. It is far more effective to direct these kinds of funds towards obtaining an established attorney and litigation team. Also, when there are far more convenient options at your disposal, it is simply not necessary to spend the entirety of your money on the actual bail fee. You do not have to take on a financial burden you are not ready for. Riverside Bail Bonds provides a multitude of in house payment plans that will enable families of al economic backgrounds to afford a bail fee. Likewise, we gladly accept cash, credit, debit, check, cashier’s check, money order, and collateral as justifiable means for paying off your bonds. We want to make bonds as available and affordable to as many families as we can.

The most affordable option in paying a bail fee is to obtain a surety bond, also known as a bail bond. A bail bond is a signed contract between you and a bail agent, ensuring that you will follow the protocol concerning your bail in exchange for only having to pay a small portion of your bail upfront. The defendant or co-signer pays a small percentage to the bail agent who then fronts the entire bail fee, making bail far more reasonable to the average family. Likewise, you will gain the expertise and advice of a professional for the duration of your case. In California, the premium bail fee is fixed at 10% to protect the bail agency and the defendant from paying or receiving unfair payments. This fee is nonnegotiable and nonrefundable as a measure to ensure the bail agent earns a living. However, this is a small price to pay for the security of bail throughout your criminal case. The application only takes thirty minutes to fill out, and we can have an agent coming your way to release you from custody in no time. This option is the most efficient way to allow your loved one the comfort of fighting their criminal case from home. However, if you are still uneasy about this option, we can provide alternatives that might be as useful to your situation. Do not let price deter you from seeking help. Riverside Bail Bonds is a family owned and operated agency that will gladly take the time to discuss your situation and the available options.

One alternative option that is most often utilized by illegal immigration cases is to obtain a property bond. Unlike a surety bond, a property bond is secured with collateral, but otherwise accomplishes the same task of releasing your loved one from custody. The reason it is generally utilized in cases regarding illegal immigration is because it requires the defendant to remain within the jurisdiction of The United Sates while tending to their legal responsibilities. However, that does not mean that this is often the most suitable option. Collateral that can be used to anchor a property bond is restricted to jewelry, vehicles, real estate, and other items that are worth one and a half times the value of the bond. This overage is necessary to compensate for the additional fees that can be required to secure property. It is also important to know that a property bond cannot be passed on to another person. The co-signer is agreeing to take on the responsibility of the bond for the entirety of the case. In the event that they no longer wish to have this responsibility, they will have to fill out the required paper work to have the bond released, pay the 10% premium fee if it has not already been paid, and cancel the current bond. This will require the defendant to return to custody and attempt to obtain a new bond. However, if the bond is revoked by a judge, the process is far more complex. The defendant will be given thirty days to return to custody and if they fail to do so, the property secured by the bond will be sold at auction to cover the full costs of the bond. The remaining funds will pay off restitutions and then be returned to the co-signer. Keep in mind that the process of obtaining a property bond can be far lengthier than the process of any other bond. Likewise, it can take months to secure and release property, meanwhile your loved one will be waiting in custody. If your goal in obtaining a bond is to speed up the time it takes to have your loved one returned home, then this is not the most efficient option for you. We highly advise you to do everything you can to firsts eek a surety bond. Riverside Bail Bonds is more than available to discuss payments.

After you have obtained one of the above bonds and are released from custody on bail, you might feel as if your responsibilities are done. However, now is not the time to relax, as every decision you make from here on out can directly impact the outcome of your case. Before doing anything upon release, your first step towards securing a positive outcome on your case should be to contact and acquire a reputable attorney and litigation team. You want to make sure that you maximize every resource available to you in this pressing time. Your litigation can then begin taking the necessary steps toward building the strongest possible case in your defense. Bail is an ample opportunity to return to work, care for your family and loved ones, or/and to ensure your affairs are in order in the case of a conviction. It is important to recognize this time as an opportunity to better your situation rather than to wait out the process from home. Get directly involved in the strengthening of your case and take an active role in your litigation team’s research. Do now wait until it is too late to take action.

You may think that being released on bail entitles you to remain out of custody until the completion of your case, but this right can be revoked at any moment for a failure to comply with the stipulations set into place by your attorney. For the co-signer this includes keeping all contact information up to date between the bail agency and the courts. For the defendant, the stipulations are more complex. The most common expectations are that the defendant shows up to all court dates, remains in the jurisdiction of the courts, avoids further criminal charges (including restraining order violations), and compliance with any additional terms set in place by the judge. Similar to a property bond, if any bond is revoked, the defendant will have thirty days to return to custody or the co-signer will be held fully liable for the bond amount. It is far better to avoid a violation through precautionary measures. Riverside Bail Bonds will graciously assist the defendant in complying with their expectations, including by helping them to attend court dates.

What Else?

We want to make sure that you are comfortable with every step in the process of getting your loved one home and cared for. That is why we strive to make it known why we are the most highly recommended bail industry in all of Orange County. We could go on and on about what makes us the best, but here are a few reasons why our clients come to us time and time again. First, you should know that your privacy is taken very seriously here at Riverside Bail Bonds. We have committed our agency to 100% confidentiality, so that you never have to feel insecure in regard to the processing of your personal information. We will never use your data for purposes beyond securing bail, including promotional means. Our agents are committed to making you feel safe and we greatly value your trust I our agency. Next, it is important for you to know that our agents are long established in their field. We only hire agents with years of experience handling cases in your area so that they can employ all of their resources to providing you stellar customer service and care. We understand the inner workings of La Palma courts and we will do everything within that frame to minimize the time your loved one spends in jail. Bail bonds is an industry the greatly lacks the compassion and efficacy that every person should be able to receive in their care. We compensate for this great lack by training our agents to express concern and compassion for every client as if it is their own family on the line. You are in good hands every step of the way. A final example of how our agency is superior to the rest in the vicinity is that we are always available to you. Arrests are not predictable, so we should not approach them as if they are. That is why our agency has decided to keep its doors open 24 hours, weekends and holidays, all year long. There is never a time that you can call, and we won’t answer. We are here for you from start to finish.

If you need a bail agent fast, your first call should be to Riverside Bail Bonds. We will help you re-obtain your freedoms and fight your case to the fullest extent of the court. Do not spare another minute. Give us a call and we can begin the process towards getting you home and prepared for your legal responsibilities.

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