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Home to beautiful shopping malls, fancy restaurants, and prestigious universities, the city of Irvine is a widely known cultural and tourist center for Southern California. However, like most cities, Irvine is home to hundreds of crimes and arrests. Being arrested goes beyond the impact on the one who committed the crime. It effects the defendant, their family, and everyone they share a bond with. Taking on the actions necessary to protect a loved one in this time can create a substantial emotional and financial burden that no one should have to face alone. Fortunately, there are options for you to access the help you need. If you or a loved one is arrested in the Irvine area, your first call should be to a reputable bail agency to get the ball rolling on bail and a strong case. Fortunately for you, Riverside Bail Bonds Bail Agency is the widely recognized for their speed, efficiency, and diligence in getting you the help you truly deserve. We will be with you from the beginning, to the end of your case and we will do everything it takes to get you through this hard-pressed time. Our agents are trained to handle even the most unique of cases and they will be able to get you the answers to all of your burning questions and concern. Do not wait until it is too late to make that call. Our bail operators are open all around the clock to answer and get your paperwork resolved. You can contact us at 951-788-2663 and we will have a bail agent walk you through the paperwork, or you can visit us at our Riverside office on 4277 Main Street and we can navigate you through the process in person. No matter the route you choose, we will be there to support you. Now let us break down this process for you and inform you of the basics!

How Does It Work

Bail can be a complex process but fortunately for you, you are in the greatest of hands. Riverside Bail Bonds has long established a functional relationship with the Irvine courts that allows us to employ all the best tactic to speeding along the bail process. We want to ensure that you understand all that is asked of you so that you may take the proper actions in building a case for your loved one. Thus, we will break down the essential information you should know before contacting a bail agent so that you understand exactly what kind of service you will be receiving and what it will cost you.

Where Will You Go?

After the initial arrest occurs, the defendant will be taken to the closest available jail for booking and processing. During this time, the defendant will begiven formal charges and assigned a cell number within the facility. You cannot request to be discharged until the bail amount is set, but as soon as you are made aware of an arrest, you should contact a bail agent who can then begin to gather information on the location of the defendant and the case. Bail can be posted by schedule or hearing. When it is a minor or common charge in the area, bail is often posted using a schedule. This schedule is a list of predetermined bail charges that substantially speed up the process to obtaining bail. However, if you are facing a more severe crime, you may be asked to wait until a bail hearing can be scheduled before your bail will be posted. We will determine what steps are necessary to ensure your bail processing time is minimized so that you can return home where you belong.

Bail Options

As a citizen of the United States of America, it is your right to be issued bail under the 8th amendment to the Constitution. This right cannot be taken away from you unless a judge determines that you are a flight danger or threat to your community. Thus, if you feel your rights have been violated, you should contact a lawyer immediately. However, when you are posted bail, there are many options you can take in paying the fee. Riverside Bail Bonds will thoroughly explain your options, and fortunately, we are more than qualified to help you with whatever kind of case you may be facing. Our agents most commonly handle cash bonds, surety bonds, and property bonds and we will thoroughly describe the innerworkings of each process. There are even cases in which you may be able to be released without the burden of paying a bond fee. This is called being released on your own recognizance, and typically is granted when it is the defendants first crime and they have a great standing in the community. This would enable the defendant to return to their daily activities without stressing about the financial responsibility of a bail fee. However, keep in mind that this option is highly unlikely and there is typically some form of fee necessary. Riverside Bail Bonds will do everything in our power to make bail simple and affordable throughout this process.

Your first option is to pay the entire bail fee in cash up front. This is often referred to as issuing a cash bond. Cash bonds are a quick option, but they are not always as efficient as the alternatives. You see, bail can easily exceed the ten-thousand-dollar range, and no one has the time and means to come up with that kind of money on such short notice. Bail can financially ruin a family with the unideal set of circumstances, especially when in today’s economy, it can be quite a struggle simply to pay rent. Riverside Bail Bonds does not want this burden for their own families and we certainly do not want it for you. Even if you are financially well endowed, we highly suggest you put your monetary efforts toward building a strong defense and instead allow us to do what we can to help you through a multitude of payment options. Riverside Bail Bonds will gladly accept cash, check, credit, debit, cashier’s check, money order, or collateral as a down payment for any restitutions. Meanwhile, we can offer in house financing to get you the bail bond that is ideal for your situation.

A second option is the bail bond. Bail bonds, also called surety bonds, are the most affordable and efficient option if your goal is to get your loved one released from custody efficiently and diligently.  Co-signer will be asked to pay a portion of the bail as a premium fee to the bail agent who will cover the rest of the costs to have the bail issued to the client. This California state mandated fee is fixed at 10% to protect the defendant, co-signer, and bail agency in paying a fair price for their serviced. This fee is nonrefundable and nonnegotiable as it is the means for the bail agent to earn a living. However, the cost is minimal in comparison to the phenomenal service you will be receiving. Riverside Bail Bonds will help you to complete the application and we can have a bail agent on their way to the jail facility in less than an hour. This option allows you the benefits of bail without the burden of an outrageous amount of bail fees. Furthermore, Riverside Bail Bonds is happy to accommodate you in any financial situation you might be in. Our goal is to bring accessibility to this industry that greatly lacks thereof. We will do our best to offer assistance to low income families who may not otherwise be able to afford bail. We ae committed to making YOUR life easier.

Something to be cautious of when looking to different businesses is a hidden fee. These expenses are now not mentioned upfront and lead to clients paying up to an additional thousands of dollars in needless fees. A trustworthy corporation will take the time to fully talk about all bureaucracy before having you commit to an agreement and will make sure that you are confident that you will be able to meet all of your responsibilities. A frequent hidden stipulation, that most organizations cruelly employ is the annual renewal fee. Court cases can without problems prolong beyond a year, especially with the increasing populace within the penal complex system. You must ask any organization before you give them your business if they will ask you to renew your bond agreement on an annual basis. This renewal rate is frequently as highly-priced as the 10% premium which can be very high-priced if you have a high posting bail. Likewise, another hidden charge to be on the lookout for is a cancellation/renewal fee. It is no longer distinct for the district attorney’s office to fail to make a formal cost in opposition to the defendant when their office is enormously busy. This generally leads to a cancellation of the bail, requiring for a new agreement to be made with your bail agency. Bail dealers are now not past jumping on this opportunity to cost you the 10% price to reinstate your bond. However, Riverside Bail Bonds will in no way have interaction in this unfair conduct with ANY additional hidden fees.

We go the extra mile to make this process as less expensive as possible for all of our clients. A perk our clients receive with the aid of giving us their business, is that we will write any letters for a “resumption of liability” free of charge for as lengthy as you are cooperating with the bail protocol. These letters are wanted at any time that the judge has chosen to forfeit the bond as a capacity of protecting the co-signer from paying the full bail fee. This letter signifies that the bail employer will proceed to submit the bail if it is reinstated. Most organizations will cost thousands of dollars for this letter, but we offer it as a way to assist you and your situation.

A final alternative may be to simply find the means to obtain a property bond. A property bond, unlike other financial securities, is anchored through the use of collateral. Collateral often qualifies as jewelry, recreational and transportation vehicles, and real estate or land. Just like a surety bond, the anchorage is used as a down payment for the bond, but the value of the property must exceed one and a half times the value to qualify. This overage is necessary to ensure that the additional restitutions ins securing a property bond are taken care of. bonds mandate that far more printed application is completed and therefore equate to a lengthier process. Thus, this kind of defeats the purpose of a bond being more affordable and faster. We often advise our clients to avoid this kind of bond unless is completely necessary by the courts. A property bond is typically mandated in cases relating to illegal immigration. This is simply due to the fact that property bonds require the defendant to remain in the country while tending to their legal responsibilities. Property bonds are also not advised because they cannot be passed onto another co-signer. If for any reason the co-signer decides that they no longer wish to be responsible for the bond, they will be asked to return the defendant to custody, fil out the proper paperwork to forfeit the bond, and wait up to several weeks for the application to be approved. Again, the length of this process is why we advise against it. In the case that a judge chooses to forfeit the bond and the defendant is not returned to custody, the property will be sold at auction to pay for all expenditures and fees. The remaining funds will then be returned to the co-signer.

Forfeiture Vs Revocation

Forfeiture and revocation lead to the same results of a cancelled bail fee but there are different methods of approaching each situation. If your co-signer no longer desires to be accountable for the complete amount of your bond, they can ask the courtroom to revoke it. To do this however, they will be forced to ask you to return to custody until the bail bond can be issued to a new co-signer. The co-signer has a great responsibility in that they will be held fully responsible for the bail fee if it is forfeited by a judge. It is important to know these responsibilities and act accordingly.

A forfeiture occurs when there is a violation in the bail contract and the judge responds by issuing a bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest. If you fail to appear and you can't be located or returned to the detention facility during the required amount of time, the judge will forfeit your bond and your co-signer will be responsible for the full amount, due and owing at that time. The most common violations that lead to the forfeiture of a bond include not staying within the jurisdiction of the court, absence without permission from a court hearing, inaccurate contact information, and the charge of an additional crime while released on bail. If you turn yourself in and show to the judge that your violation was unintentional, your bond may be reinstated.

What If I Forget a Court Date?

Accidents happen. If you realize you have overlooked your court docket date, you are going to be required to contact the courts and explain your mishap. Your next step should be to contact your bail agency and explain what has occurred. It's vital that all people be on the identical page at this time to prevent similar mix-ups or confusion in the future. If you are struggling to remember when your court date is, stay in contact with your bail bond agent. They will keep you up to date and will help you remember.

Releasing Your Bond

Once your case has run its course, either through an acquittal or sentencing, your bond will be released, and your co-signer will receive any cash that is left over after the premium, courtroom charges and restitution have been paid. Once the bond has been released, the co-signer will also release all of their monetary responsibilities to the bond. It's essential to understand that your bond is not related with civil actions or the value of probation. Those are paid one at a time and are not connected with your bond in any way.

How to get in Contact with Us

Riverside Bail Bonds is the most efficient and affordable bail agency in all of Irvine and we hope that you choose to put your faith in us. If you have a loved one facing an arrest, you should not spare another minute in getting them the help they need. Give us a call today at 951-788-2663 and we will put you in touch with a reputable bail agent who will determine exactly what actions to take and help you to make an informed decision on where to go from here. Allow us to help you gain back the freedoms and rights that you are entitled to.

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