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The residents of Menifee, California don't have to worry about who to call if they need a bail bonds agency. As soon as you call 1-951-788-2663, we will start the application process and give you the assurance you need that things will be taken care of. Once we have the completed application and the required state-mandated 10% fee, we can go to the jail and post the defendant's bail. The 10% fee we charge is set by the state and is non-returnable and non-negotiable. We take all forms of payment including, cash, credit/debit cards, money orders, and personal property. We make it easy to help you get the job done, quickly and efficiently.

Experience is the Key!

The agents at Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds have the experience, knowledge and expertise to handle all types of bonds. Domestic violence bonds, weapons bonds, immigration bonds, prostitution bonds and property bonds are available through our office. Our agency has been offering bail bonds to the Menifee community for over 17 years. We have deep roots in the community and are here to help residents who live in the area get through the bail bonds process. An arrest can be a confusing experience. No one expects it and most are not financially prepared to afford the bail that is need to get the defendant released from jail. We offer convenient payment plans that will easily fit most people's budget. No matter what your situation, we have the knowledge and experience to help you get the ball rolling and your defendant home where they belong.

We Know the Routine

With our 17 years of experience, we know the routine. We have a working relationship with both the courts and law enforcement agencies. We work hand in hand with them to make sure the bail bonds process goes smoothly. Our goal is to get the information you need while keeping all of your information 100% secure and confidential. We release no information without your express, written consent. Each of our agents has been trained to be as efficient and professional as possible. During the bonding and licensing process they go through, they must learn and understand all of the California laws pertaining to bail bonds. This allows us to not only be extremely efficient at what we do, it gives us the ability to protect your rights at every turn.

We Have the Compass to Guide You!

A bail bond is a legal and binding contract between the defendant, the co-signer, the courts and the bail bond agency. We will explain every aspect of the contract to you so that there will be no surprises. This includes the stipulations that are put into place by the court. In most cases, this involves appearing at all court-mandated hearings, attending specific classes and not getting into any more trouble while the bond is in effect. It is extremely important that the defendant checks in on a regular basis. If for some reason a court date is missed, the defendant must contact our office or the courts immediately. If they don't, a bench warrant will be issued for their arrest and their bail will be forfeited. We understand mistakes are made. That is why we keep the lines of communication open. We are here to help you get back on track. Don't wait to call us! Talk to us now! If you need a bail bond or are unsure of what your next step is in the process, call us today. Our offices are open 24/7, all night, every night, weekends and holidays. We can help you!

The bail bonds agents at Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds in Menifee, California are available 24/7 to assist you with all of your bail bond needs. The goal of our office is to be there when you need us whether it is high noon or two in the morning. You won't have to wait when you call our office. Timing is important that's why we use our streamlined process to get through the application in less than 30 minutes and speed up the release process that usually takes from 2 to 12 hours. Call our office today at 1-951-788-2663 and let us get the ball rolling. You need bail? We have you covered!

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"From one bail bond company to another I recommend Rocco Edivan Bail Bonds. His family owned bail bonds company is all about treating people right!"
Owner - Ryan Wells

"I refer all my bail bonds business to Rocco Edivan when someone is in trouble in Riverside. I trust him and his employees to take care of people."
Owner - Paul Cauruso

"Rocco Edivan is a great and honest person who I recommend to anyone"
Negin Yamini - Los Angeles Criminal Attorney

"Honest and reliable company who takes care of everyone I know"
Vincent Ross - Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

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