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Fountain Valley is a suburban city in Orange County, home to many upper middle-class families looking to settle in a beautiful residential area. Unfortunately, like most cities, Fountain Valley is home to hundreds of arrests every year. An arrest can impact the defendant and their family both emotionally and financially. No one should have to face this burden alone, as it can be overwhelming without the proper resources. Fortunately, a bail agency can be there to navigate you through the complex inner workings of the Fountain Valley court systems. Riverside Bail Bonds has long been established in Fountain Valley, Orange County, and the greater Southern California region. Our agents are compassionate, fast, and efficient in handling every kind of bail service you could possibly need. We will walk you through the application and refer to the right help for your situation. Give us a call today and we can have the application for a bond completed in under thirty minutes and an agent sent to your facility in less than an hour. We will be with you every step of the way to answer every question and concern you might have.

Our Agency Will Not Let You Down!

We get that when a family is managing an arrest, it can be difficult to confide in anybody, yet you should never carry that weight alone. Our operators are family and they demonstrate empathy in each circumstance you might confront. For a great many people, a capture is the most minimal point in their life. We endeavor to comprehend the lowliness of such a reality and need to be there to comfort you and help you feel upheld. There are different reasons why our office is dependable, yet we will acquire our believability through the exceptional administration we offer to the greater part of our customers. Allow us to demonstrate this to you and you won't be baffled. We esteem significantly that you have confided in us with the care of your adored one.

We Are There for You day in and day out

Arrests occur unexpectedly and are regularly not ready for, particularly for the family. There is no real way to know when a capture will happen, so that is the reason Riverside Bail Bonds has focused on serving you in each critical moment. We have opened our office and administrations twenty-four long stretches of the day, each day of the week, on ends of the week and on special occasions. There is never a period when you can't call our office. We have specialists holding up constant to accept your call and be to your guide. Similarly, we are strategically placed in Riverside where you can make a trip and get further help. We will be there for you at all times of need.

We Keep Things Private

Being arrested or involved in an arrest can be distressing, confusing, and often embarrassing. It is never our intention to influence you to feel like you ought to be humiliated for the circumstance. People commit errors and arrests are regularly the most shameful moments in people’s lives. We will do all that we can to be as tactful as could be expected under the circumstances and this implies keeping all cooperations classified. We will never reveal your own data for anything past helping your case and further we will never do it without your full assent. We need to ensure you are alright with each progression of this procedure and will talk you through it as we go. We are not intrigued nor; would we ever utilize your circumstance for the limited time additions of our business. Our essential objective is to encourage you, the litigant, and everybody required by mitigating any anxieties where we can. We are focused on giving ideal support of the greater part of our customers.

Our Agents Are Compassionate

The bail bonds business is an industry that enormously needs empathy and care in its profession. Riverside Bail Bonds sees this need in the field and serves to give better administration wherever relevant. Our specialists are prepared to indicate sympathy in each circumstance they experience. Also, in light of the fact that we are a family claimed and worked business, we endeavor to treat our customers like they are our own. You have a place with Riverside Bail Bonds, we will get you and your family through this unpleasant time with your poise and regard unblemished. You can rely upon us and we will be there when it tallies.

We are Fast

The best advantage of acquiring a bail bond is the speed. Presently this advantage would be of no great if the bail specialist at work was not tenacious. We can guarantee you that our operators are quicker than any bail organization in the locale. We prepare our operators and empower them to pick up the experience they have to work at an ideal level of effectiveness. Moreover, our specialists are educated of the internal workings of the Fountain Valley and know when to utilize instruments that will speed along the safeguard procedure. Our specialists know precisely what to do in each circumstance and will happily ensure that every one of your needs are met.

Figuring Out the Bail process

Not that you know what makes Riverside Bail Bonds uniquely more effective than other bail agencies in Fountain Valley, we find that it would be helpful for you to know a little bit about the bail process and what kind of services you will be receiving. First, it is important to know that if you are confused about anything, Riverside Bail Bonds will take care of it and you throughout the process. You will never be left alone to handle the complexities of your case. We will assist you in any area that it is necessary and will keep you fully informed of every action before we proceed to the next step.

Where Will They Be Taken?

After the defendant is arrested, they will be taken to the nearest available facility where they can be booked and processed. You can use an inmate locater such as the convenient ones we have included on our webpage or simply locate the nearest jail in your area. During the booking process, the defendant will be given the proper materials and assigned a cell within the facility. This process is brief and shortly after the bail process may begin. Bail is posted either by a schedule or a hearing. Schedules are predetermined bail amounts for common crimes in the area. If the charge can be given bail via a bail schedule, the bail will be posted almost immediately, and the further actions can be taken to get the defendant released. However, if the crime that was committed is more high profile, than a bail hearing will be necessary before bail may be posted. This method’s timeframe would be completely depending on the capacity of the jails at the time. Regardless of when and how bail is posted, you can call a bail agent immediately to begin the process of securing a bond. We will help you determine exactly what your next step should be in obtaining bail.

What Type of Bond Do I Need?

Bail is determined in many ways but the bail bond you must acquire depends on the type of crime that was committed. Fortunately for you, Riverside Bail Bonds is greatly experienced in handling every kind of bond you could need including cash bonds, surety bonds, and property bonds. We will help you to decide on the best approach to take with the best intentions for your loved one. In some cases, a bond may not even be needed. When the defendant is facing their first charge, doesn’t pose a risk to their community, and is a upstanding member of their neighborhood, a judge might determine to release the defendant on their own recognizance In this case, no bail fee is retired, however this is uncommon and there is typically a bail fee involved to some degree. Bail can be very expensive and straining to come up with the funds for. Thus, the purpose of a bond is to increase the speed of obtaining bail and to mitigate the financial hardship a family must take on to provide care for their loved one. No one should have to face the overwhelming impact of a bond on their own and we will inform you of all the bets ways of tackling the issue.

Your first option when facing an extremely high bail fee is to pay it all off in full as a cash bond. This option can be fast and effective; however, it is not always the wisest, considering the bail fee can easily be in the thousand-dollar range. No one should have to take on this kind of financial hardship, especially in today’s economy where it can be a struggle to come up with the monthly bills. Even for the financially well endowed, it is much more appropriate to direct all funds towards the building of a strong case for the defendant. We want you to focus your funds on where it counts. Allow our reputable agents to take care of the bail for you and instead invest in a bail bond. Bonds make bail much more affordable to families of all economic backgrounds and Riverside Bail Bonds offers many payment plans that better accommodate you in your particular situation. Always remember that as an American citizen, you have a natural born right to bail and a fair trial. Should you feel that your rights have been violated in any way, you should contact litigation immediately to resolve the issue. Regardless, Riverside Bail Bonds will offer you the care that you deserve.

The most affordable option in securing a bail fee is to obtain a surety bond. Surety bonds, also commonly referred to as bail bonds, are a legal contract with a bail agent to exchange compliance with the court for the coverage of a bail fee. The co-signer pays a portion of the bail as a premium fee to the bail agent who can then cover the bail so long as the co-signer and the defendant comply with the rules set in place by the courts. In California, bail bond restrictions are set into place to protect the defendant, co-signer, and bail agency from paying unfair prices. One of these restrictions limits the premium fee to be fixed at a rate of exactly ten percent. This percentage may never be negotiated or refunded as a measure of earning a living for the bail agent. However, this is a very convenient price for avoiding the financial burden of an entire bail fee. Bail bonds are a great benefit to those who would otherwise not be able to afford to get their loved one’s home. If coming up with the premium is a further hardship, Riverside Bail Bonds offers in-house financing to alleviate those stresses and will gladly accept cash, check, money order, credit, debit, and collateral to better accommodate all families. We will be there for you when every obstacle gets in the way and we will provide you the best possible circumstances in which to fight your case.

A third alternative to paying an entire bail fee on your own is to anchor a property bond. Unlike a cash or surety bonds, property bonds are secured with collateral and cannot be passed onto another reputable co-signer. Collateral can easily be deemed any item of worth, but the most commonly seen items for securement are jewelry, cars, and real estate. A property bond is a much lengthier process as it requires far more paperwork to secure the property and gage its worth. The value of the collateral employed as anchorage must exceed one and a half times the sum of the bail fee In order to compensate for the paperwork and additional fees involved in approving property as a payment for the premium. Property bonds are typically not encouraged because they are much more complex to manage, taking up more time, meanwhile the defendant would be forced to wait in custody. In the event that the co-signer no longer wants to be held responsible for the bond, they would have to relinquish the bond, return the defendant to custody, and wait a few additional weeks for the property to be fully released. The purpose of a bond is to be a fast transaction; thus, a property bond often defeats the purpose of this service. Likewise, another downfall is should the bail be forfeited, the property will be auctioned off to pay any restitutions before the remaining money is returned to the co-signer. Property bonds are typically only useful when they are mandated by a judge. Most commonly seen in cases associated with illegal immigration. Property bonds encourage the defendant to remain in the country, so they may tend to their legal responsibilities and maintain their property. Whatever your choice may be, we will support you and get you through this perplexing time.

What Now?

Bail is a convenient way to return to your home and access all of the resources necessary to strengthen your case, however it is not a time to relax. Everyone involved will ask to comply with the courts as a measure to maintain he bail and remain out of custody. Failure to comply will lead to the judge issuing a bench warrant, the defendant losing bail privileges, and the co-signer being held fully responsible for the bail. We will inform you of all of your responsibilities and assist you in following the rules of the court. For the time being, your first action should be to contact an attorney, build a strong defense, and get your affairs in order in the event of a conviction. Bail is a time to return to work and take care of your responsibilities within your household. Riverside Bail Bonds will help by doing the heavy lifting while you focus on getting the best outcome for your case.

Now is not the time to wait until matters get worse. Your best bet in fighting your case is obtaining a bond and getting out fast. Riverside Bail Bonds is the best in the industry and we will get you through this hard-pressed time. Give us a call at 951-788-2663 and we will have an agent on the line to have the application filled out right away. If you prefer a one on one conversation, head on over to our riverside office on 4277 main street for further guidance. Our agents will get you to the optimal place for taking action. You will not be disappointed by choosing to put your faith in our business. Do not wait any longer. Allow us to help you gain back your respect and freedom.

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