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Cypress is a beautiful city in Northern Orange County, home to beautiful greenery and sights to explore. However, like all cities, Cypress is subject to hundreds of arrests each year. Experiencing an arrest can be stressful, frightening, embarrassing, and financially straining. It not only affects the person arrested, but all of their family, loved ones, and litigation team who are there to support them in this difficult time. No one should have to take on the responsibility of supporting a loved one through an arrest on their own. If you have a cherished family member or friend who has been arrested, your best opportunity to help them is by contacting a professional and getting them released from jail. This gives them a chance of fighting their case with all of the freedoms they deserve. Do not hesitate to find a bail agency that can take this great load off of your shoulders. If you’re looking for the best bai agency in Cypress, and all of Orange County, your search is over. Here at Riverside Bail Bonds, we operate on a professional level that exuberates efficiency, speed, and dedication to the field of bail. We will walk you through the application, get your loved one out, and do everything we can to ensure they stay out of custody for the duration of their case. If you are looking for more information about the bail process, read on further or give us a call at 951-788-2663. We also offer to you our office in Riverside on 4277 Main Street if you prefer a face to face conversation. We will answer all of your pressing questions and get you the help you need today.

Finding an Agency, You Can Count On

We understand that dealing with an arrest within the family can be a vulnerable situation, and we want to make sure that you feel both comfortable and secured. It is important when choosing a bail agency, that they meet your high standards for efficiency and customer care. You should never feel like your security is compromised or your agency is not being open with you. Riverside Bail Bonds is both efficient and takes great attention to detail. We only hire agents that have been long established in the business and understand the compassion and efficacy that should be employed in every interaction with our clients. We want to take the time to make you feel at ease with the service you will be receiving. Every agency is different, but there are a set of core values that every bail agency should have, and we will explain how we contain these core values and how we expand them to cultivate more knowledge on expressing the best customer care. You will never be alone in this process. Our agents will walk you through it, every step of the way, and ensure that you feel taken care for as long as you entrust us with your business.

We Respect Your Privacy

Being arrested can be a pressing time, especially for the family that is striving to protect their loved one. We understand that this can be stressful, financially hard, and embarrassing. We do not want to add anymore burden to your set of responsibilities. That is why we are committed to offering 100% confidentiality to everyone that has communications with our agency. We value greatly that you have chosen to put your faith us, and we will never take that lightly. Every piece of information that you disclose to us will be kept in confidence of your privacy and will never be exploited for the promotional gain of our business. Our only agenda is getting your loved one home where they should be. We will only use your information when it is necessary to getting a release.

We Are Here for You, Around the Clock!

Arrests can be a stressful time for families, and like most inconvenient circumstances, they come at unexpected moments. No one can foresee the coming effects of an arrest, but we do not expect you to. We work our schedule around you to make ourselves available to you when any situation could arise. That is why Riverside Bail Bonds is open for business every day, 24 hours, on holidays and weekends. There is never a time where you can give us a call and we won’t answer. We have agents waiting day and night to help you with your case. That being said, we are also located in Riverside where you can drive on down for a face to face conversation. Out Office is conveniently located on 4277 Main Street so there are many ways to access our resources. No place is too far or too hard to reach for our agents who are skilled at attending cases all over Southern California.

We are Diligent Workers

Being fast on your feet is going to be crucial to the outcome of your case. And when every minute counts, our agents will maximize your time to ensure that every action is taken with the best intentions of helping the defendant. Being experienced in Cypress is an important factor when considering the speed and efficiency of an agency. Our agents have been navigating the inner working of the Cypress courts for years and know what tools to utilize in speeding up the discharge process. This gives a great advantage to defendants who obtain a bond through our agency. We will get access to the resources you need for a fraction of the cost of other agencies and help you to find the best care and tools to better your defense.

We are Experienced

Riverside Bail Bonds has been family owned and operated for decades, servicing the entire Southern California network. We know how the courts operate and are familiar with every kind of bond you could possibly need. With that being said, every situation is different, so we will access all of the details of your case and make an informed decision on what to do.

The Bail Process and Everything You Should Know

The bail process can become very complex if you don’t have a reputable bail agent to navigate you through it. Immediately after an arrest, your loved one will be taken to the nearest jail facility to be booked and processed. At this time, you can call a bail agency to begin the paperwork, but an agent will not be sent to the facility until the bail has been posted. The booking process is where the defendant will be assigned a sell number and clothing until they are given bail. Bail is posted in one of two ways. The first is by a bail schedule. A bail schedule is a predetermined amount that a defendant must pay for their charges. This is for defendants who are facing a common charge in the area. However, if their crime is more high profile, they may be asked to wait for a bail hearing in which the bail will be determined by the judge.  We will be there with you to fill out the application and get your loved one out on bail. You can trust that we will answer all of your burning questions and concerns.

Types of Bonds and How They’re Used

There are many different approaches to getting out on bail and we will discuss some of the most common, so you are familiar with them. First you should know that Riverside Bail Bonds handles many types of bonds including cash bonds, surety bonds, and property bonds, It is not always necessary to take out a bond, but when you do, the most efficient type is typically the surety bond. However, if you are facing your first minor crime and have a good standing in the community, the judge might decide to release you on your own recognizance. This means that you are not a flight risk or more so a danger and can be released without having to pay any sort of bail fee. This method of release is not common, and there is usually some type of bail fee necessary to secure bail. You see, bail is intentionally set high by a judge to discourage defendants from fleeing justice. But as an American citizen, you are entitled to bail and a fair trial. If you feel your rights have been violated in any way, you should contact legal support immediately. In the meantime, Riverside Bail Bonds will do everything to make your bail process fast and simple.

Cash Bonds

If you are faced with a bail fee, you might decide the fastest thing to do is to pay the entire bail fee upfront. This might be fast but is not always convenient. Bail can range in the tens of thousands of dollars for most crimes and that is a lot of money to shell out without much notice. Likewise, after a bail bond is completed, it can take weeks to have the money returned. We do not want anyone to have this kind of financial hardship, especially when Riverside Bail Bonds offers many financing options that make a surety bond affordable. Even if you are financially able to make such a payment, it is much wiser to direct any extra money towards securing a reputable litigation team to aid your loved one. We can assure you that a surety bond will get your loved one home just as fast, and it will also save you a lot of money. Riverside Bail Bonds will gladly accept, cash, credit, debit, check, money order, cashier’s check, and collateral. We will work with you so that you do not take on more than you can bare. One way we do this is through our surety bonds.

Surety Bonds

Your next option, and quite possibly the most feasible, is to secure a surety bond. Unlike a cash bond, a surety bond saves you a lot of money by only requiring you to pay a portion of the bail fee. Also known as a bail bond, surety bonds require a co-signer that is willing to pay a premium fee to a bail agent who pays the remaining costs of bail and posts it on your behalf so that the defendant may be released. This premium fee is nonrefundable nor negotiable as it is the way for the bail agent to profit, but this is a small price to pay for the security and the financial ease in getting your loved one released. In California, the premium fee used by all bail agencies is fixed at ten percent to protect all parties from paying unfair prices. You should never have to pay beyond this fee, so make sure to note any cases where a bail agency violates this rule and report them. It is important to know that the co-signer is held fully responsible for the bail fee in the case of a forfeiture, so taking on this risk is a great risk. Riverside Bail Bonds will walk you through the paperwork and inform you of all of your responsibilities as a cosigner. Should you have any questions, you may call our office at 951-788-2663.

Property Bonds

Although a surety bond is the safest way to secure your loved one obtains bail and is home at an affordable rate, there are still alternatives for some special situations. One of these alternatives is known as a property bond. Hence the name, property bonds are secured with collateral, but they are far more complex than most bonds. Collateral that is commonly used to secure a property bond includes jewelry, cars, and houses. However, a property bond cannot be passed on from the initial co-signer. Should the co-signer desire to dismiss their responsibilities to the bond, they will have to return the defendant to custody, fill out the paperwork to have their property released, and wait the weeks that it can take to fully cancel the bond. However, if the bond is forfeited, then the property will be auctioned off to pay for the premium fee and any remaining restitutions that are involved with the securement of the property. At this point any remaining moneys will be returned to the co-signer. The problem with a property bond is that it is a much lengthier process to fill out the paperwork, meanwhile your loved one will be waiting in custody. The main purpose of a property bond is associated with illegal immigration cases because they require the defendant to remain in the country while addressing their legal responsibilities. If you are considering a property bond, just be aware that we can accommodate you in finding a payment plan with a surety bond that might better suit your case.

Getting Home

So, you got your bond, what is next? Being released does not mean all of your woes are over. You are going to have to comply with the rules of the court. For the co-signer, this means keeping all records and contact information updated and available to both the courts and the bail agency. However, for the defendant, the responsibilities dictate that they consistently attend court, avoid further charges, stay within the boundaries of the court, listen to restraining orders, and check in with their bail agency on a weekly basis. Failure to follow the stipulations set by the court could lead to the judge issuing a bench warrant. This will mandate that the defendant be returned to custody or the co-signer will be held responsible for the full cost of bail. Bail is a great opportunity to get one’s affairs in order in the case of a conviction, but it more importantly a time to build a strong case for their defense. Your first action should be to contact an attorney and begin the process of building a case. It makes it much easier to do this from the comfort of your home. It also can be a time to return to work and to care for one’s family. Regardless, we will be there to support you in this time.

Give Us a Call

There is nothing left undone with Riverside Bail Bonds, because our agents are trained to do it all. Don’t let today be another day that your loved one is left without the resources they need. Contact a bail agency and get started on the process of building a defense for the one you cherish most. Call us today at 951-788-2663 and we will have an agent get started on your case right away. There is no need to wait when our agency makes obtaining a bond so simple and affordable. We will get you back your freedoms and your hope.

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