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An arrest can be a grueling experience for the defendant and everyone in their immediate family. When you find out a loved one has been arrested, your first step should be to call Riverside Bail Bonds. Montclair residents can call 951-788-2663 to talk to a live bail bonds agent any time, night or day. We are well known throughout the area for providing fast, professional and courteous service. With our many years of experience, we will be able to complete the bond application and do what needs to be done to get your loved one out of jail and back home in a short amount of time.

After an Arrest

After an arrest in the Montclair area, the police will transport the defendant to the Montclair Jail where they will learn their charges and the amount of money they will need to post a bond. The booking and release process can take several hours. If we have the information we need to post their bond, we can have them released without having to spend the night in jail. During the booking process, a pre-determined bond schedule will be used to figure out the size of their bond if their charges are minimal. However, if the defendant is facing a more high-profile case, they may be required to wait until a bail hearing can be scheduled.

Bail or Bond?

One of the questions that will be answered during the booking and arraignment phase is what type of bail will be needed. Riverside Bail Bonds will carefully walk you through this process to ensure that you make the right decision for your loved one’s case. There are special cases where the defendant may not need to even pay a bail fee. This is called being released on your own recognizance.  The judge may allow you to be released without compensation if it is your first crime, that crime is a misdemeanor, and you pose to risk of flight or danger to the community. Another requirement that makes these situations uncommon is that the defendant must be of high profile or good standing in their community. Typically, there is a bail fee that is necessary as security that the defendant will comply with all stipulations set into place by the court.

If the defendant is required to post a “cash” bond, it must be paid in cash and in full to the courts before the defendant is allowed to leave the jail. This option may be feasible to the financially well-off families of the region, but that does not always make it the best decision. Bail fees can easily be in the ten-thousand-dollar range or even exceed thereof. Families simply do not have that kind of money. And if that kind of money is available, it should be focused upon what truly matters, building a strong case for the defendant’s defense. If a cash bond was paid, the money will be returned after the case is completed, minus any court costs, fees, and possible restitution. However, it can take months for the release of these funds which can place devastating hardships on the family that is backing up the bond. The more affordable and highly recommended option, when allowed, is the surety bond.

If a surety bond is offered, the defendant or a loved one can pay a 10% premium to a bail bonds agency and have the bond posted that way. The bail bonds agency will assume responsibility for the full amount of the bond as long as the defendant makes all of their schedule hearings with the court. In California, this bond premium is set at exactly 10% to protect the defendant, co-signer, and bail agency from paying an unfair amount. It cannot be negotiated or refunded, as this is the means for which the bail agent can make an earning. If for any reason, court is missed, or the defendant fails to comply with the court's demands, the co-signer will then be required to pay the bail bonds agency for the bond. With a surety bond, no money is returned to the co-signer unless a property bond was written. In that case, the property will be returned once all of the defendant's court costs, fees, and possible restitution have been paid.

Another feasible option is to obtain a property bond. Unlike a surety bond, property bonds are secured with collateral and cannot be transferred to another person. Collateral can be found in many ways. The most common of which are through vehicles, jewelry, real estate, and businesses. The collateral must value at least one and a half times the worth of the bail bond to cover the additional fees involved in securing the property. The problem with a property bond is that it can take months to secure the property and issue out a bond. This defeats the purpose of a bond being a fast and efficient option. The only time in which a property bond is really necessary is with a case associated with illegal immigration. The judge will typically mandate such to ensure that the defendant remains in the country until their legal responsibilities are tended to. In the case that the co-signer is no longer okay with their property being secured, they will have to return the defendant to custody and cancel the bond which may still take time to fully release the property. However, if the bond is forfeited due to a failure to comply with the rules set into place by the court, then the property will be auctioned off and all fees and restitutions will be paid. The remaining funds thereafter will be returned to the co-signer. Do not fear, because Riverside Bail Bonds will be sure to inform you of all requirements to keep your bond in place and will gladly assist you in upkeeping such rules.

The bail bonds agent will go into detail about how a property bond and a surety bond work when you are filling out the bail bonds application. It's extremely important that if you have any questions, you ask them prior to completing the application. However, we are always open to answer your burning questions.

What Comes Next?

After the bond application has been completed and the 10% fee has been paid, we will send a bail agent to the jail or detention facility to begin the release process. This can take anywhere from 3 to 12 hours, depending on the capacity of the facility at that time. Our agents understand the inner workings of the jails in the Montclair area exceptionally well and will know just how to speed up this process in any way they can. You can rest assured that we are doing everything we can to make this process easier for you and your family.

Getting out of jail was the easy part. Your next actions are crucial to the outcome of your case and should be taken very seriously. Bail is a right to all citizens, but it is also a gift in that it allows you to return to the comfort of your home to fight your case. It can be a time to return to work, tend to your familial responsibilities, and to get your affairs in order in the case of a conviction. Regardless of what you choose to do in your spare time, your first action should be to contact an attorney or litigation that will begin to build your case. You will want to access all of the resources you can afford to ensure that you are given the best odds in court. We can assist you in contacting these agencies and any other resources you may need.

Now, to stay out of jail, you are going to have to follow some regulations. The court will allow you to remain out on bail so long as you comply with their restrictions. The most common requirements of the courts is that all information regarding your address and contacts are up to date, you consistently attend all court hearings, you must remain in the jurisdiction of the courts, you cannot be charged with any additional crimes, you must check in on a weekly basis with your bail agency, and you must follow all restraining orders if applicable. Failure to comply with these restrictions will be means for the judge to issue a bench warrant for your return to custody and eventually a forfeiture of the bond. If the bond is forfeited, the co-signer will be held liable for the full cost of the bond. The only way to reinstate the bond after it has been forfeited is to issue a letter from your bail agency to the courts, stating they will still cover the bond. Most agencies will charge hundreds of dollars for this letter, but Riverside Bail Bonds will write it for free in exchange for your further cooperation. We will help to remind the co-signer and defendant of their requirements and will assist the defendant in attending the court hearings if applicable. We want to be there for you every step of the way.

Why Is Riverside Bail Bonds the Best in the Business?

Before you make a haste decision on who to give your business to, you should really do your research. We will explain some of the tactics agencies use to take advantage of your situation, but first we want to explain how we are unlike the rest. Riverside Bail Bonds is family owned and operated with the most skilled and experienced bail agents in the Montclair region. We are confident that we will be able to offer you assistance in any situation you may be facing. We are widely recommended for our fast, efficient, compassionate, and affordable care in every region we cover. You will not be let down or disappointed. We are here to be open and honest so that we can help you to focus on what really matters, fighting your case. If that is not enough, we will briefly explain what makes us better than any other agency around.


You want to put your trust in an agency that has seen it all and we can assure you that we are fully familiar with every kind of case you might encounter. Some of the most common cases we handle are cash bonds, surety bonds, domestic violence bonds, prostitution bonds, property bonds, and immigration bonds. However, we can handle situations of all levels of complexity. Our agents will get down to the bottom of your case and gather all the information associated with it to help you make informed and wise decisions. We want to make sure you have access to the best possible defense for your case.


Being arrested or having a family member that is incarcerated can often be a humiliating experience. We are not here to shame you or make you feel worse. We understand that for most people, this is the lowest point in their life, and we want to help you through. That is why we operate with complete and total confidentiality. We will never disclose your information without your consent and will never use that information for promotional means. We value that you have chosen to place your trust in our agency and we will earn that trust be offering you discreet and efficient care throughout your case proceeding.


Arrests are not on a business hour work schedule. They can happen at any time, day or night, and require attention immediately. We will never make you wait for the help you need. We keep our office opened 24 hours a day, staffed with the best agents in the region who are waiting to take your call. You can contact us any day of the week, including holidays, if you need assistance or your burning questions answered. 


A dying trait in the technologically stricken world is how to treat other people. We have always strived to maintain compassion as a vital attribute to our work ethic and will continue to be known for treating all of our clients like our own family. We want you to be comfortable at all times as we help you through this inconvenient situation. Our agents will serve you with respect and dignity as they help you get your rightfully deserved freedoms back.

NO Hidden Fees!

Remember how we told you other agencies will look for ways to take advantage of you? Well this is how. Agencies will try to get around the initial premium and make an additional earning by hiding fees in their contracts that you are unaware of before you sign. These fees can cost you thousands of dollars and cause financial havoc on your family. First you should know that Riverside Bail Bonds will never engage in this practice. But next, we are going to warn you of common hidden fees to on the lookout for. The first is called an annual premium. Agencies will often ask you to renew your bond when your case exceeds a year’s time. This fee can cost as much as the first premium. A second hidden fee to be cautious of is a cancellation fee. When the DA’s office fails to make formal charges against the defendant, sometimes the bond will have to be cancelled and reinstated. Agencies will use this opportunity to double charge you for the premium. These practices are unfair and the only way to avoid them is to take great caution before signing a contract. Be sure that your agency is fully informing you of what your agreements will be, and you should be safe. If you take your business to Riverside Bail Bonds, however, you will never pay beyond the initial premium. That is how we make bonda available and affordable to families of all economic backgrounds.

Call the Professionals

Riverside Bail Bonds serves many counties throughout Southern California, including Montclair and the surrounding communities. The stress of an arrest can be overwhelming. That's when you need to have a bail bonds agent you trust to help you find the answers you need. In addition to 100% confidentiality, we offer the highest level of professionalism to all of our clients. We understand how difficult it can be to come up with the funds to pay for bail when many residents in the area live paycheck to paycheck. Don't stress over a tight financial situation. We have financing options for our clients who qualify.

When you don't know where to turn and you are in a situation that you've never had to deal with before, you need to have someone on your side who has answers. The bail bonds professionals at Riverside Bail Bonds have worked with the courts and law enforcement agencies for many years. We know everything there is to know about bail bonds and will make sure you fully understand the gravity of the situation before you sign the application. Our goal is to make sure you and your loved one understand the bail bonds process and what is expected of you from the beginning until the end of the case. Call 951-788-2663 today so we can get the process started. Our professional team is here to make sure everything goes smoothly, and you have peace of mind.

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