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Do you live in Hesperia and are facing an arrest? This is a situation no one wants to or expects to be in.  Fortunately, there are answers and you can get them at Riverside Bail Bonds. We treat our clients with the utmost care and respect, with experience handling every kind of bail bond you could possibly need. Do not wait for your situation to become more complex, call our agents today and we will get your loved one home where they belong. We are conveniently located at 4277 Main Street in Riverside, but our office can be reached at 951-788-2663 where we can just as efficiently walk you through the paperwork.

What to Do After You Have Been Arrested?

After an arrest takes place, the defendant will be taken to the nearest available jail for booking and processing. After this has been completed, the next step is determining bond. Please keep in mind, that you should call a bail agent before bail is posted to ensure that everything is taken care of as soon as possible. We can begin to gather information on the case and develop a plan of action to ensure the best outcome for the defendant. In many areas, bail information is accomplished through the use of a pre-determined bail bonds schedule. A bond schedule is a list of pre-determined amounts that will allow you to know your bond amount within a few seconds of learning your charges. It also eliminates the need for an arraignment hearing. While this part of the process can be somewhat confusing, you can always call Riverside Bail Bonds to get answers to any questions you may have. They are available around the clock to help Hesperia residents get through a difficult situation.

What are Your Options?

After an arrest, regardless of what your charges are, your first step towards freedom should be to contact a reputable bail agency. Riverside Bail Bonds is licensed and experienced with a plethora of bail bonds including cash bonds, surety bonds, domestic violence bonds, prostitution bonds, immigration bonds, and property bonds. We will help you determine exactly what kind of bond you will need and what the best approach will be for your particular situation. We can assure you that our agents have long studied and acquired the skills necessary to navigate the complex waters of the court systems so that you don’t have to. Instead, all of your burning questions will be answered with the utmost efficiency. It is important to know you have options, and although the surety bond may be the most affordable choice, we will thoroughly explain the alternative that may also be beneficial to your situation.

It is possible in some cases for the defendant to be released without having to pay anything in bail fees. This is called being released on your own recognizance. A judge will release someone on their own recognizance in cases where the defendant has no past record of criminal activity, their charge is minimal or some form of a misdemeanor, and they pose no danger or flight risk to the community. This situation is very rare and typically only happens when the defendant is of good standing in the community or is high-profile. It is more common for some kind of bail fee, no matter the cost, to be set to secure the defendants cooperation.

For the financially well endowed, a solution to paying the bail fee might simply be to pay it in full. However, this option may not always be the best choice in the long scheme of things. You see, bail is intentionally set at a high price as a means to discourage defendants from fleeing their charges. This high set price can often be in the ten-thousand-dollar range or even higher. Even if this amount is feasible, it is far better to focus all financial measures towards accessing the best attorney to build a solid case. Likewise, a cash bond can take months after the case is complete for the cash to be released, which can be quite inconvenient to a struggling family. Why pay thousands of dollars in bail when you can pay a small percentage of that for the same service. If you instead invest in a bail agency, you are saving money and hiring a team of professionals to oversee the care of your loved one’s case. Do not make the wrong decision for your loved one’s future. Call Riverside Bail Bonds and we will make sure that every decision is made thoughtfully and successfully.

Before we explain the surety bond, a final resort option in paying a bail fee is to secure a property bond. Property bonds operate by allowing the defendant to place down collateral in substitution for a cash payment. This collateral must exceed one and a half times the price of the bail fee to compensate for the additional paperwork that is necessary to secure property. Property that is often used as collateral includes jewelry, cars, boats, houses, and land. The downside to a property bond is that it is a lengthier process that often is not worth the purpose of a bond being a faster solution to getting the defendant discharged. Another inconvenience is that a property bond cannot be transferred to another person. The only way for the property to be released is for the defendant to return to custody and the bond be cancelled. In the case that the defendant does not comply with the rules set forth by the judge and the bond is forfeited, the property will be sold at auction to cover the bail fee and restitutions. After these fees are covered, the remaining funds will be returned to the co-signer. Property bonds are typically obtained in cases involving illegal immigration. This is simply because a property bond requires the defendant to remain in the country to tend to their legal responsibilities until their case is completed. This option is not encouraged unless it is the only action possible to be taken. Fortunately, surety bonds are very affordable and available to you,

A surety bond, also known as a bail bond, is a contract between the defendant, co-signer, and bail agency that allows for a fast discharge at an affordable rate. Instead of paying an entire bail fee in full, which can be overwhelmingly expensive, you are only responsible for paying a small percentage to a skilled agent who will place the bail fee up in full. No one should have to face the burden of unreasonably high bail fees alone. Riverside Bail Bonds makes it fast and simple so that your loved one can be home with their family and put their efforts towards what really matters, winning their case. Keep in mind that if the bail is forfeited for any measure, that the co-signer will be held fully responsible for the entire bail fee. There are ways to protect yourself from this unfortunate situation which we will briefly explain later.

How Much is a Bail Bond?

The premium percentage that you are responsible for paying to your bail agent is set into place to protect all parties from paying an unfair amount. In California, the fee is fixed at exactly 10%. This fee is non-refundable as a means for the bail agent to make an earning. This is a small price to pay for your loved one to be home in the comforts of their family’s support.

If you have sought out services through Riverside Bail Bonds, the extent of your expenditures stopes here. However, with many other agencies, you should fear the possibility of a hidden fee. The first measure of defense against hidden fees should be to fully understand any agreement within a contract before signing. A trustworthy agency will be glad to further explain any vagueness or confusions. Likewise, they should inform you of what you will be paying for prior to committing to do so. After these measures have been taken, we will also give you examples of the most common hidden fees to be on the lookout for. The first hidden fee that we often see within contracts of other agencies is an annual premium. In today’s court systems, it is not uncommon for a case to extend beyond a year’s time, especially with jails reaching maximum capacity each day. When this happens, an agency may ask that you pay a renewal fee. The average person may not think they will ever reach that point, but when they do, the renewal fee can often cost as much as the initial premium. An arrest in itself is unpredictable but unpredictable fees can ruin the financial stability of a family. Another common hidden fee is to reinstate a bond after it has been cancelled by the district attorney’s office. This occurs when the DA fails to press formal charges against the defendant within a reasonable time and the bond must be cancelled and reinstated under the new charges. Bail agencies will jump on this opportunity to double charge their clients, even knowing that it is completely out of their control when this occurs. These behaviors by agencies are cruel natured and should never be practiced by a reputable business. Riverside Bail Bonds has committed themselves to not engaging in unfair tactics and will only operate to give you the best service you could receive.

Because we want to make sure we reach as many people as we can in their time of need, we have worked hard to offer many unique in-house financing options that make bail bonds affordable to families of all different economic backgrounds. Likewise, we are flexible in paying off fees, gladly accepting cash, check, credit/debit, cashier check, money order, and property. We will work with you so that there is no additional stress placed upon you in this already confusing time. We are happy to discuss payments if you feel that you have a unique situation.

Your Constitutional Rights

The 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution allows you to post a “bond” and obtain early release from jail. In order to use this privilege, you must post a 10% bond fee to the court. It's non-refundable and the amount cannot and will not be negotiated. To post a bond, you'll need to hire a reputable bail bonds agent to complete the process. The Constitution awards this right so that the courts cannot keep you in custody for longer than is absolutely necessary prior to your court hearing. While there are reasons that bond can be denied, if you qualify for a bond you can post the amount in questions and return home to fulfill your obligations.

The Benefits of Posting Bond

There are many benefits to posting a bond and obtaining early release. It allows you to go home and return to work. You can take care of your family and continue to maintain your financial obligations. You can also use this time to hire an attorney and build a case that will help you resolve your legal issues. Being able to post a bond offers you benefits far beyond just being out of jail. It gives you an opportunity to take control of the situation and resolve it accordingly.

Accepting Your Responsibility to the Court

If you've been arrested, you have a responsibility to both yourself and the court to make things right. After you have bonded out of jail, you must be aware of what your rights and responsibilities are. It's your responsibility to comply with the stipulations put forth by the court. These include:

  • Appear at all court sanctioned hearings
  • Remain within the court's jurisdiction
  • Report any changes in employment, address, phone number, personal contact information
  • Check in regularly with the courts or your bail bond agent
  • Comply with any demands stated in your bail bonds agreement

Each case is different. It's important that you go over what is required of you with the bail bond agent immediately upon your release. If your charge is weapon-related, you may be required to turn over all of your firearms or weapons to the court. If domestic violence is involved, you will be required to obey a personal order of protection and avoid contact with the victim. Your bail bond agent will discuss the bond agreement, as well as any attachments with you when they meet with you after your release.

What Makes us So Special?

Riverside Bail Bonds and their agents have been serving the Big Bear Lake area for decades, servicing every kind of bond out there. Our agents are compassionate and work around the clock to make you feel like family. We will never disclose any private information without your permission and will protect your privacy all throughout the process. Our agents know all of the inner working of the court and can have you home within twelve hours of arriving at the detention facility to complete the paperwork. All we ask is that you comply with any stipulations and you make that first phone call.

Call Riverside Bail Bonds Bail Bonds for Answers

Everyone who is arrested in the United States, whether they're a citizen or not, has the right to post bond. There are exceptions, however, that can cause bail to be denied. If you have questions about how the bail bonds process works or what your rights are, call the offices of Riverside Bail Bonds in Hesperia. Riverside Bail Bonds has been in business for years and its agents have worked many different types of cases. Each agent is highly skilled and has been trained to handle even the most difficult of situations. They are licensed and insured and able to work in every city throughout the state of California, including Hesperia and the surrounding communities. They have a reputation throughout the area of being professional and courteous, with complete confidentiality. The agents employed by Riverside Bail Bonds are of the highest caliber possible and will always go the extra mile to make sure each client is completely at ease and informed every step of the way.

If you live in the Hesperia area and are facing an arrest, contact the agents of Riverside Bail Bonds. Call them any time of the day or night at 951-788-2663. 

If an arrest has already occurred, a call to them can get the bail bonds process started in a matter of minutes. Don't wait! In most cases, the application can be completed over the phone and the fees secured via a credit/debit card. As soon as processing is complete, the agent can post the bond and bring your loved one home. Call Riverside Bail Bonds today for immediate, 100% confidential service. They are always ready to help!

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