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Previously known as El Toro, Lake Forest is a quiet town, known for its spacious lakes and forests, hence the name. Lake Forest may seem like the perfect town to settle with your family in, and it probably is, but like all cities in this Country, Lake Forrest experiences hundreds of arrests every year. Arrests are generally an unexpected occurrence, and when a defendant is charged it affects not only them but also all of their loved ones. A criminal charge can be a frightening experience that almost always takes a great emotional and financial toll on the family involved. No one deserve to face such hardship without the support of others, and that is what has paved way for the bail industry to be of service. Why spend the durations of your case from custody when it is not necessary? A bail agent’s duty is to get you the bail you deserve, which enables you to return to the comforts of your home and fight your case with all of the resources and freedoms that should rightly be available to you. This process can be quite complex, but a bail agent will break the procedures down into steps and fully inform you of your options so that you can make confident decisions on the defendant’s behalf. Your next urge might be to immediate find this type of assistance, but fortunately you do not need to look any further. Riverside Bail Bonds has long been established in Lake Forrest, and the greater Orange County region. We will help you every step of the way and prepares you for every decision you will have to make. We know just how to make bail an easy and fast process at the most affordable rate, and our agents are efficient, compassionate, and reliable. There is no need to go anywhere else for superior service. You are in good hands. However, if you feel that you need more information you can call us today at 951-788-2663 or you can read further for us to explain how this process works.

Being Arrested

Before any of the bail process can occur, the defendant will be arrested and charged with a criminal offense. At this point they will be taken into custody and directed to the nearest available jail. While they are being booked into the jail, this would be a great time to begin contacting a bail agent who can gather the correct information to file the bail paperwork. The application takes only thirty minutes to complete but cannot be issued until the booking is completed. Bail can be established in one of two ways. The first method of issuing bail is through a bail schedule. This is when a list, predetermined by judges, is used to grant an individual a bail charge. This greatly speeds up the bail process for individuals facing minor or common charges. However, if you are facing a larger charge, you will be asked to wait for a bail hearing, which is a court date before a judge that determines the cost of your bail. Bail can be fiscally overwhelming, but there is no need to grow uncalm. Our agents will relay all available and affordable options to you, so you may make the best decision on behalf of you or your loved one. There are many alternatives in which you could obtain bail without paying the entire fee, so pay close attention as break down each of these various options for you. We will be sure to answer all of your burning questions and concerns.

The Bail Process and Your Options

The first thing that you should know is that if you are an American citizen, you are protected and entitled to bail under the 8th amendment of the Constitution. This means that a judge cannot restrict you from receiving bail unless it is for the safety to the community or you pose a flight risk to the courts. Thus, if you feel that your rights have been violated in any way, you should contact litigation immediately. Keep in mind that there are special circumstances where bail is not even necessary to be released from custody. This is referred to as being released upon your own recognizance. A judge may grant a defendant release if they pose no threat to the community, are not a flight risk, and they are facing a misdemeanor charge. This scenario is unlikely; however, it is still important to consider your options. For those who do not meet these expectations, it is likely that they will be facing some sort of bail fee. Fortunately, there are bonds which can make bail substantially more affordable for families of all economic backgrounds. This is where bail agents come into play. They will determine exactly what kind of bond you need and how to make it more accessible to your particular situation. Riverside Bail Bonds is familiar with every kind of bond you could need, and they will gladly walk you through the process of getting you the help you deserve. But first, let’s go over some of the most common types of bond you may be exposed to.

Your first option in paying a bail fee is to cover the expense in full, upfront. This is called paying with a cash bond. Cash bonds are a fast way to get the job done, but that does not necessarily mean they are the most affordable or efficient option. Bail is extremely expensive, and most families do not simply have the time or resources to come up with the funds in such short notice. Bail often poses a substantial financial and emotional burden on unexpecting families, when this does not need to be the case. Cash bonds may be fast in theory, but they are not the most affordable or reasonable. Cash bonds are not secure, and they can take weeks before they are closed, and the funds are returned to the co-signer. This is far from convenient for a family who could barely come up with the money to begin with. Especially when there is the option of obtaining the far superior surety bond.

The most recommended option in paying a bail fee is to do it through a surety bond. A surety bond, also known as a bail bond, is a contract between the co-signer and the bail agent, trading compliance with the courts for a discounted bail fee. With a bail bond, the co-signer is only asked to pay a small portion of the bail fee as a premium to a bail agent who can then go and cover the entire bail fee. This minimum fee is necessary to ensure the bail agent. Can make a profit for their services, however it is a small price to pay for incredible service and avoiding the stress of coming up with that kind of money in such short notice. This percentage of the bail fee is fixed at a rate of ten percent, as mandated by law in California, to ensure that you are never paying an unfair price. However, keep in mind that you have to be cautious of the dirty tactics agencies might employ, such as hidden fees. Here at Riverside Bail Bonds, these fees do not exist. You will only be asked to pay the nonrefundable premium and never more. This is highly beneficial to families who simply cannot afford that kind of money without any notice. The application can be filled out in as fast as thirty minutes and you will be one step closer to your desired outcome. However, if this fee may also pose a hardship to your family, Riverside Bail Bonds is more than willing to accommodate your situation. We offer many in-house financing options and will gladly accept cash, credit, check, debit, money order, cashier checks, and collateral. We offer these solutions to make affording bail the easiest part of the court processes. There is also a few alternative options we will gladly discuss if you are under special circumstances.

One of these alternatives is to issue a property bond. Unlike a surety bond, property bonds, hence the name, are anchored with collateral. However, keep in mind they cannot be passed onto another individual as well. Property bonds are generally only issued when mandated by a judge in a case concerning illegal immigration but is not limited to thereof. The reasoning behind this is that it further reinforces that the defendant remains in the country while sorting out their legal responsibilities. Collateral can be considered a wide range of items such as jewelry, vehicles, real estate, or valuables that are worth one and a half times the amount of the bond. This overage is necessary to cover the additional costs with registering property. This can be inconvenient as property can often be more difficult to come up with than cash. Likewise, a property bond takes far longer to process than a typical bond, meanwhile the defendant will be waiting in custody. This sort of defeats the intentions of bail being fast and efficient. Now back to earlier, it is important to note that a property bond cannot be passed on to another co-signer. This means that should the co-signer decide they no longer want their property registered under the bond, they will have to file the paperwork to fully relinquish the bond and return the defendant to custody. This can be inconvenient for both parties because, again, it is a lengthy process. Now on the other hand, if the co-signer or defendant does not comply with the courts and the judge decides to cancel the bond, the property will be sold at auction to cover the bond fees and restitutions and the remainder will then be returned to the co-signer. It is a great responsibility to take on the risk of being a co-signer, so this role should not be taken on lightly.

Being Released

After the application has been completed, a bail agent will be sent to the jail facility to begin filing discharge papers. If everything goes according to plan, the discharge process can take anywhere from 3-12 hours. This really depends on the current population of the jail and how well staffed they are. We will do our best to get you home as fast as possible. Our agents have been working with the Lake Forest jails for years and know exactly what tools to employ to ensure that this process is completed quickly. We do not take your time lightly and will do whatever we can to minimize the time spent in custody. It is important that you do not disregard the importance of this time and spend it bettering the outcome of your case. Your first action upon release should be to contact an attorney and begin to build a strong case for your defense. Bail is not a time to relax but it can be comforting to fight your case from the convenience of your home. This can be a time to return to your families, return to work, and get your affairs in order in the case of a conviction with future jail time. It is crucial that you maximize your production in this time by utilizing all of the resources accessible to you that will endow a positive outcome on your case.

You might think that bail is inherently an assurance that you can remain out of custody for the duration of your case. If you make this assumption you are greatly mistaken. Bail is a conditional agreement that mandates you are in compliance with any orders set into place by a judge. It is also important that the co-signer keep all contact, case, and location changes updated between the courts and the bail agency. As for the defendant, it is required that they attend all court dates, avoid further criminal charges (including violations of any restraining orders), remain in the jurisdiction of the courts, maintain all legal responsibilities, and check in with the bail agency on a weekly basis. We ask that you check in for two reasons. First, we want to confirm that you are following all stipulations of the courts. And secondly, we want to help you make informed and confident decisions throughout the court process. The only way we can do this is by ensuring that you are in a good state of mind and are knowledgeable of the consequences of any decision you make. We will happily assist you in maintaining your responsibilities.

How to Find a Reputable Bail Agency

The most important step in the bail process is to first find a bail agent This can be a pressing task as you want to be certain that you are receiving service from a trustworthy and experienced agency. Fortunately, you have come to the right place, as Riverside Bail Bonds has been long established as one of the most experienced agencies in all of Southern California. Our agents have been trained to deal with every kind of situation you could be facing, no matter how unique. Likewise, we operate with the utmost privacy to ensure that you feel secure and confident in your situation. We will never disclose your private without your permission and only for the intentions of bettering the outcome of your circumstances. Every action we take will be filtered through you first to ensure you are taking an active role in the decision process for your case.

Bail is an industry that is increasingly lacking the compassion that it requires to operate. We see the great lack of compassion in our field and strive to end this tragedy. Our business is family owned and operated with the utmost empathy to all of our clients. Arrests are often the greatest regrets in an individual’s life and we treat these cases with understanding and grace. We also do everything we can to be available in this crisis by staying open 24 hours a day. There is never a time that you can call, and we will not be there. Our agents work around the clock to give you the best care you deserve. Our goal is to make your job easier from start to finish. Allow us to do the heavy loading.

Now that we have thoroughly explained all that you should expect in facing bail, your next step is to take action. You can call our bail bond company at any time at 951-788-2663 for everything you need, bail related. We urge you to get the help you need right now and not waste any time while your loved one is in custody. Let us protect your freedoms and your dignity.

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